Presidential Style and Executive Style

5 Tips On How To Carry Off Presidential Style With Grace

Posted on: 26th January 2017

How To Channel Your Presidential Style     If you’ve been following the US elections over the past year, you can’t have failed to notice how the key women have been honing their Presidential Style. And here in the UK, we’re well used to our Prime Minister’s fashionable appearance and that of other leading business […]
Bright colours for an Executive Capsule Wardrobe in Spring 2017

Executive Capsule Wardrobe: Your Blueprint For Spring 2017

Posted on: 13th January 2017

A New Executive Capsule Wardrobe: Your Blueprint For Spring.   If you’ve had enough of Winter and indeed your wardrobe, you’re probably ready for a brand new Executive Capsule Wardrobe. The new season’s colours are starting to reach the shop floor. Spring is looking very fresh and upbeat. Spring’s brightest of colours include Pink Yarrow […]
Rose & Willard review

London’s Personal Stylist Reviews Rose & Willard

Posted on: 7th December 2016

London’s Personal Stylist introduces modern business wear manufacturer Rose & Willard.       Rose & Willard create office-appropriate workwear for the stylish and ambitious business woman. As the Brand name implies, designs are both feminine and bold. Just like today’s modern career woman. I recently met up with Rose & Willard’s dynamic founder and managing […]

Gravitas: What Is It Exactly And How To Project It In Business?

Posted on: 8th November 2016

Gravitas. It’s a small word with a big meaning. It’s filled with power.   Gravitas: It’s instantly recognisable. It’s detectable and apparent. When someone is speaking and ‘in the zone’, it can be mesmerising. A person with the G-factor demonstrates a mix of confidence, composure, influence and that indefinable ability to walk into a social […]
Flex dressing

How To Flex Your Dress In Your Business Capsule Wardrobe

Posted on: 22nd September 2016

Flex Your Dress to make your business capsule wardrobe work harder. A business capsule wardrobe comes into its own when you are able to flex your dress according to your daily schedule. Wearing outfits that have been chosen especially for your personality and your lifestyle means you will always look appropriately turned out. The principle […]
Trouser Suits

How To Wear A Trouser Suit With Executive Style

Posted on: 7th September 2016

Trouser suits are à la mode – get them right, you’ll ooze executive style. Embracing executive style and presenting a polished appearance belongs to projecting a professional image and looking like a leader. When it comes to exuding executive style and presence, no-one wants to make a fashion faux-pas.   Read Bethan Holt’s article in […]
Transitional capsule wardrobe

It’s Time For A Transitional Capsule Wardrobe

Posted on: 22nd August 2016

A transitional Capsule Wardrobe welcomes the new season ahead.       We’ve passed high Summer and whilst we may enjoy a few more sun-filled days ahead, we’re now heading into a glorious Autumn and that means it’s time to invest in a transitional Capsule Wardrobe. Secretly, I’m rather in favour of Autumn. There’s something exciting […]
Womens suiting

Today’s Executive Style Includes A Trouser Suit For Business Women.

Posted on: 1st August 2016

Yes, You Can … Executive Style Means Trouser Suits Too. Today’s Business Capsule Wardrobe Features A Trouser Suit That Adds Executive Style.       As a Personal Stylist for business women, I was recently asked my opinion on Hillary Clinton’s trouser suits. Hillary has certainly embraced executive style, understanding that looking polished belongs to ‘looking […]
Executive style for men

It’s Time For Men To Exude Executive Style & Presence

Posted on: 20th July 2016

With ‘the girls’ leading the way in executive style, it’s time for ‘the boys’ to smarten up. Whether you’re the CEO, a politician or a laid-back web designer, there are times when you’ll want to exhibit executive style because your image is important. Your appearance matters because it’s how other people will initially describe you. […]

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