It’s Time For Men To Exude Executive Style & Presence

With ‘the girls’ leading the way in executive style,
it’s time for ‘the boys’ to smarten up.

Executive style business attire for men by Capsule Wardrobe Collection

Whether you’re the CEO, a politician or a laid-back web designer, there are times when you’ll want to exhibit executive style because your image is important.

Your appearance matters because it’s how other people will initially describe you.

Especially when you are not there.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be called smart and influential instead of messy or a bit of a shambles?

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Executive-style for men

How would you prefer people to describe You?

When we are asked to describe someone, we often consider their
physical appearance first.

Imagine, someone is looking for you in a roomful of people.

In describing yourself, you’re likely to mention your height, your build,

possibly an age indicator, perhaps your nationality or heritage, plus

an idea of how you dress, – how someone else will ‘see’ you.




How You Look Is Important.

Your appearance speaks so much about you than just your exterior packaging.

Others will make assumptions based on how you look.

Such as how impressive you are. How capable you might be. How influential.

So it’s up to you to ensure that you’re giving the right message by the clothes you wear.


It’s the ‘whole package’ that curates a look.

It’s not one key piece that creates a total look – such as a suit – because its impact can be completely ruined with a hodge podge of mixed accessories.

If you prefer a formal look for work, great, but why not wear it with movie-star cool?

By adding the perfect shirt, tie, cufflinks, belt, socks and shoes.

CWC style tip: the whole package ‘tells a story’.

Wearing items that blend together seamlessly creates a powerful executive style.

Keep your story clear and consistent.

Adjectives to describe your personality might be: charismatic, larger-than-life, sanguine or has a brilliant mind.

Adjectives to describe Your Working Style might be: incisive, decisive or laissez-faire.

Your Personal Clothing Style might be: conservative, flamboyant, urbane or edgy.

Does your executive image fit with your Personal brand?
Where others will describe you in a way that is recognisable for someone else who doesn’t yet know you.

Yes we can build some of your personality traits into your appearance, but remember people will use obvious adjectives to describe how you look.

Whilst ‘a flamboyant dresser’ gives me a clue, someone who is ‘decisive’ doesn’t.

Someone who is ‘creative and edgy’ gives me a clue, someone who has a razor sharp mind, doesn’t.


Be mindful of your appearance.

And think about which adjectives you would like to hear to describe You.

If there’s a dichotomy between those adjectives and the reality of your image, it’s time to smarten up.

CWC style tip: For business corporate, a navy single-breasted suit in a classic cut will take from the boardroom to the bar with ease.




My name is Caroline Wolf and I am a Personal Stylist for Men and Women who are serious about their careers and their appearance.

I put together looks and outfits for my clients – from a single suit to a capsule wardrobe according to their career, personality and lifestyle.

Find out more by sending me your contact details.

We can then schedule a meeting (London area) or a Skype call to discuss your executive style and clothing requirements.

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