Be Bold With Your Executive Style

A bold early Summer Capsule Wardrobe from Capsule Wardrobe Collection

Be Bold With Your Executive Style At Work This Summer

Yes, be bold with your executive style and colour choices.
There’s nothing wrong with neutral colours – they’re classy, elegant and chic.
Nevertheless, after a couple of years of WFH and wearing loungewear in neutral, pastels or black, it’s time to come out of hiding with a bang.

There are many strong colours around this season from vibrant orange, to shrill pink, scarlets and sunshine yellows. Bold colours are not limited to the weekends, leisure or sportswear.

Go Bold, Go Red

If you’ve only featured on a screen aka Zoom calls, then it’s overdue that you put in a full appearance. Make your presence known! Exude executive gravitas. You’re back. In the office.
Go bold.

I’ve put together an early Summer capsule wardrobe that will see you stand out at work and for all the right reasons: confident, cool and collected.

A Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe

Some pieces will easily adapt as separates for weekend wear.
Other pieces will flex further with an additional Summer piece (for example, a pair of white trousers) taking you into high Summer and holiday wear.
In effect you have a work wardrobe that will take you from your workspace to the weekend, and from a formal work event to a chic wedding.

How To Wear This Bold Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re a little uncertain about the boldness of a true red, start with one piece.
Then gradually introduce more of the same colour. Play around with it.

CWC style tip: wear a new bold piece at home for a while.
When you wear it at work for the first time, you’ll feel quite comfortable with it.

Be bold in your executive style at work
If you’re going to be bold, you’ll wear the red trouser suit as a suit.
You may even introduce another bold Spring colour, yellow.
Make a statement. This strong look exudes executive presence and confidence.

Alternatively wear the trousers with a blouse and neutral slingback.
I have chosen Louboutins because their red soles pick up on the trouser colours.
A small point but it made me chuckle. And little things matter, sometimes.

The blouses I have chosen are Zoom-ready. 
There are quite a few Peter Pan and scalloped collars available as well as puffed sleeves to draw the
eye upwards and add interest to your on-screen persona.

CWC style tip: the downside of a puff, bell or bishop sleeve, not to mention frills or ruffles is that it makes wearing a jacket or blazer difficult.  

Adding A Blazer Turns An Outfit From Casual to Chic

A well-structured jacket will instantly give you a firm shoulder-line.
You’ll achieve an instant silhouette that not only adds form to your physique but frequently balances out a heavier tum or hip area.

Blazers consummate a clean look, even with jeans. You look finished.
And as if you have thought about what you want your appearance to say about you.

CWC style tip: the easiest way to turn a more relaxed outfit into something more business-like is to add a blazer.

Invest in a suit 

The better option is to invest in a suit and then break it down so that you win several looks with the jacket and several looks with the pant. And you still have the option of dressing the whole suit up or again down.

Be Brave, Try Green

Green is a very popular colour this year and in all sorts of depths and hues.
It might not be considered generally as a colour-for-work but why not?
Rules are there to be broken. The trick is knowing which rules to break and how.
And which green is complimentary to your complexion.

Go Green with your executive style this Summer

This pale green tailored suit is perfect for introducing green into your workwear capsule wardrobe.
Again I’ve teamed it with other bright colours. If you’re going to try a new colour, jump in.

Wearing a neutral shade underneath it and as accessories can act to quieten the suit.
And playing devil’s advocate, a neutral shade just might let the green stand out on its own!
Being serious, a pale green is not a shouty or in-your-face green. Try it. You might be surprised.

How To Flex An Outfit From Work To An Event 

Bold red statement dress for executive style or an event

Yes, you could wear an ivory jacket with this stunning dress.
Or a navy one and change the accessories to more formal colours.
Or again you could go bold and choose a red jacket and bright accessories.

I dare you to be bold this Summer. Show your true colours!

Where To Find These Outfits

Red trouser suit jacket
Red trouser
Green trouser suit jacket
Green trouser 
Red/ivory dress
Pink yellow silk blouse
Pink daisy print scallop collar
Yellow sweetheart top
Green & sand top
Louboutin slingbacks
Yellow heels
Red business bag

Personalised Capsule Wardrobe & Occasion Outfits

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