How To Win At Flexi-Dressing With Style

Autumn mist

Autumn And Dual Working? Hello Flexi-Dressing.

It’s Autumn and you’re probably working part of the week in the office and part of the week at home: this sirens a need for Flexi-dressing.

As early morning mists appear and the evenings draw in, so we welcome more muted and deeper shades into our wardrobe colour palette. And as temperatures continue to cool, so we look for fabrics and layers that supplement the drop in warmth.
We need a Flexi-dressing approach when it comes to the question of: What shall I wear?

Nowadays with a lot of people combining the office with WFH, there’s a need for capsule wardrobes that mirror this new way of working. There’s a greater demand for a flexible approach to dressing to take you from one working environment to another with the minimum of effort.

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Autumn Style from Capsule Wardrobe Collection

A word On Colour In Your Wardrobe

Colours are great. They add differentiation, highlights and accents to a wardrobe.
They can bring energy and boldness or serenity and composure to your looks.
And of course they can whisper or shout volumes about your personality that you may wish or otherwise, to share.

Therefore I prefer to wear colours judiciously.
It depends on the weather, the temperature, the location, the environment, what my day holds and what my mood is.
Above all, what do I wish to portray by my clothes and the colours/styles I choose to wear?

CWC style tip: avoid extremes

Wearing white on a grey drizzly day in November in London just looks odd!
Wearing fuchsia anywhere but in the Caribbean or hot climes shouts out Look-At-Me.

Finding The Balance

There’s a fine line between attracting attention to yourself for the wrong reasons and blending in so thoroughly that you disappear into the crowd.

You want to be individual, distinctive and comfortably confident.

8-piece Flexi-Dressing Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve chosen 8 pieces plus one outerwear piece (a long coat) and a few accessories.

Colourwise, I’ve decided upon a sophisticated ruby wine as my seasonal colour, supported by a pale Neutral and a touch of Navy. This allows me to flex towards more business-like when required or towards more refined comfort for WFH.

8-piece Flexi-dressing capsule wardrobe


More than 10 Looks To Balance WFH & The Office

You can actually make at least 2 weeks worth of looks before wearing the exact same combination again.

Whilst you don’t need to invest in a capsule wardrobe, buying piecemeal means you’re never quite sure if every item in your outfit can definitely be worn more than one way.

In today’s preference of Less is More, you definitely want each item to be more than its value in real terms.

Flexi-Dressing With Single Pieces

Flexi dressing

The neutral wool dress is perfect for Flexi-dressing. Wear it just as it is or add an accessory for more focus. Add boots or shoes. Try it with low key flats when WFH. Again mix it around when it comes to belts.

The burgundy dress is more for business but then its elegance flexes its wearability to a social occasion or evening out.

Separates Are The Ideal Companions For A Flexi-Approach To Style

Separates lend themselves to Flexi-dressing

Every piece goes with another. Again you can ring the changes with different accessories.
The key is to flex your wardrobe in a way that meets your working requirements and lifestyle.

A Capsule Wardrobe To Echo Your Lifestyle

It’s all about flexibility and choosing clothes that in which you feel stylish and comfortable and that match what your life is all about.

Aim for the feeling you get when you go to your favourite restaurant where you love everything on the menu!
That’s what you want to feel when you open your wardrobe doors every day. Day after day.  

CWC style tip: Style is not about what you weigh or what size you wear

It’s feeling calm on the inside and confident on the outside.
Of course this can stretch to feeling amazing on the inside and Wow! on the outside.

Where Find The Flexi Capsule Wardrobe Above

Neutral wool & cashmere coat, Max Mara
Neutral wool blend dress, Reiss
Dark red dress, Hugo Boss
Navy wool blend cropped blazer, Reiss
Navy wool blend slim fit tailored trouser, Reiss
Bordeaux leather pencil skirt, Hugo Boss
Silk floral blouse, Brora
Dark red silk blouse, Hugo Boss
Ribbed crew neck T, Jigsaw
Dark red leather kitten heel, LK Bennett
Light camel suede courts, Hobbs
Bordeaux knee boots, LK Bennett
Patent leather Bordeaux tote, Aspinal of London
Bordeaux leather belt, Atterley
Leopard & ruby silk scarf, Liberty

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