What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

Business capsule wardrobe curated by Caroline Wolf of Capsule Wardrobe Collection

Business Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of
garments that can be combined together
to make a variety of outfits.

Whether for a corporate business style
or a more relaxed style, you choose
the focus.

A capsule wardrobe consists of:

i) the core capsule:
these are the pieces which form the base
of your capsule wardrobe.

ii) the seasonal additions:
these are the pieces typically featuring a
trend colour or two and stylish accessories.
These pieces typically bring the core
capsule wardrobe to life.

The size of your capsule wardrobe
will depend on your budget and lifestyle.

Your personalised Lookbook shows you
how to combine the pieces to create a
variety of outfits.

Core capsule wardrobe to form the base of a business capsule wardrobe

Core Capsule Wardrobe

The core capsule wardrobe.

Core pieces are the central pieces or
backbone to your capsule wardrobe.

Core pieces tend to be in neutral colours
and may be the more expensive pieces to
reflect your brand personality.

These core pieces can be enhanced
via new or seasonal additions to extend
the life in your capsule wardrobe.

With the concept of Less is More,
the simplicity of a capsule wardrobe
is appealing to busy women whose
time is precious.

You want a handful of great outfits
that are ready to wear at a moment’s
notice and that fit your busy schedule,
whether it’s for a breakfast meeting or
after work drinks.

Seasonal additions which are added to the core capsule wardrobe to add colour and up to date style elements. As shown at Capsule Wardrobe Collection

Seasonal Additions

The Seasonal Additions

These are the pieces that typically add
extra life, energy and colour.

They signal you are on-trend with
the new season’s colours or style details.

These pieces are often those ones that
help to reinforce your Personal Brand.
What do you want your image to say
to others?

They could also point towards a
Signature Style. You might favour
sky high heels for work or prefer a
more practical kitten heels in the

Your own take on executive style might include a red dress or a black business tote or a piece of discreet jewellery.

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The benefits of a capsule wardrobe:

less clothes more to wear

Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist, Capsule Wardrobe Collection
  1. Simplicity. You’ll have a wardrobe full of ready-to-wear outfits.
  2. Versatility. You’ll have something different to wear every day.
  3. Maximum ROI. You’ll wear 80% of your wardrobe.
  4. Brand You. Wear styles that complement your personality and lifestyle.
  5. Save Time.  From dressing in the morning to no more wasted shopping trips.
  6. Save Money. You can stop buying clothes that live in the back of your wardrobe.
  7. Enjoy Weekends. Spend saved time on what is important and enjoyable to you.

Based in London UK we at Capsule Wardrobe Collection,  put together personalised capsule wardrobes for individual women using High Street labels, small boutiques and designers, according to your lifestyle and budget.

Clients receive their very own Lookbook with direct links to purchase the pieces – all available in your size and our recommended colours.

With a capsule wardrobe, you’ll find choosing what to wear is an easy 1-minute decision.
Day after day. Whatever your schedule.