5 Tips On How To Carry Off Presidential Style With Grace

How To Channel Your Presidential Style


How to carry off Presidential Style with grace


If you’ve been following the US elections over the past year, you can’t have failed to notice how the key women have been honing their Presidential Style.

And here in the UK, we’re well used to our Prime Minister’s fashionable appearance and that of other leading business women, who have realised that executive style and power dressing is ‘everyday’ as opposed to ‘dressing up’ occasionally.

Your appearance and executive wardrobe demands a primary role in your business or public life too.


How to dress Presidential Style and 5 tips to carry it off with grace


5 Style Tips On Creating A Presidential Style

    1. Your entire look endorses understated modern luxury, style and restraint.
    2. Pay attention to the detail. From your hat to your shoes, you want to come over
      as flawless and impeccable; neat and pulled together.
    3. Your dresses, skirts and trousers are well tailored, perfectly fitting and never tight.
    4. Your hair is professionally styled, glossy and groomed.
    5. Your shoes can be low or high. You must be able to walk in them and not totter.


How to dress Presidential Style


Additional Tips 

Dress for your own colouring
Your colour palette needs to be on-trend, featuring neutrals and seasonal colours.
Colours can be strong but never shrill, over-powering or shouty.

Dress for your own shape
Whether you are sleek or curvy, you want a clean silhouette that allows you to look faultless. Modern elegance in unfussy simple shapes.

Statement dressing is exhibiting the best version of yourself.
It should look effortless. It’s not swirling scarves and suitcase-sized totes causing an imbalance in your executive style.

Dress appropriately
Be aware of dressing according to the culture and social rules in the country in which you work or visit on a business trip.

Add Your Brand Personality
Last but not least, inject your own USP into your outfits.
It could be a colour, an accessory, a shoe style.
It could be an element of playfulness, of energy or of timelessness.
Be yourself . There’s only one Brand You.


Outfits shown
Black midi dress, Goat Fashion
Golden yellow midi dress, Dolce & Gabbana
Jacket, LK Bennett
Black shoulder bag, Mulberry

Winter White Tweed Dress, The Fold
Above the knee red dress, Goat Fashion
Black & White trench coat, Sonia Rykiel
Red shoulder bag, Milli Millu

Cashmere coat, Max Mara
Printed dress, Max Mara
Block heels, Hobbs
Black shoulder bag, Mulberry


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