How To Flex Your Dress In Your Business Capsule Wardrobe

Flex Your Dress to make your business capsule wardrobe work harder.

A business capsule wardrobe comes into its own when you are able to flex your dress according to your daily schedule.

Wearing outfits that have been chosen especially for your personality and your lifestyle means you will always look appropriately turned out.

The principle and function of a capsule wardrobe is that from a small selection of clothes, you can create a range of different looks.

It makes dressing for work every day incredibly easy. You have the choice of multiple looks from your business capsule wardrobe. All displayed in your personalised Lookbook. And all the styles, colours and cuts have been chosen just for Brand You.


A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothes from which you can wear a variety of outfits.


Today I’m showing you a 4-piece capsule wardrobe that can morph into 7 outfits  – and that’s without adding any accessories.


capsule wardrobe from capsule wardrobe collection
4-piece business capsule wardrobe which will make 7 outfits


Following this season’s gorgeous ocean blues and greens, I’ve chosen this season’s trend colour in ocean blue plus a navy skirt suit. I’ve added a cropped tweed jacket to add more colour and texture.

You can see below the 7 outfits.  Including how the dress flexes into a skirt giving you further options.


Business capsule wardrobe of 7 outfits from 4 core pieces curated by Capsule Wardrobe Collection
Business capsule wardrobe of 7 outfits from 4 core pieces



By adding a couple of blouses and some accessories, you can extend your business capsule wardrobe still further.



Extended business capsule wardrobe curated by capsule wardrobe collection
Extended business capsule wardrobe


Having a business capsule wardrobe makes dressing for work easy. Having one where your dresses will flex, taking you from your desk to a client meeting, to a conference or networking event or after-work drinks means saving time. It also means saving money and the energy-sapping hassle of buying the right clothes to fit your lifestyle.

Make your life easier with a business capsule wardrobe created around Brand You.
If you’re interested in your own business capsule wardrobe or you’d like to get in touch, simply send your details to me here and let’s start a conversation.

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