Today’s Executive Style Includes A Trouser Suit For Business Women.

Yes, You Can …
Executive Style Means Trouser Suits Too.

Today’s Business Capsule Wardrobe Features A Trouser Suit That Adds Executive Style.


Womens executive style suiting on capsule wardrobe collection
Executive Style Trouser Suits



As a Personal Stylist for business women, I was recently asked my opinion on Hillary Clinton’s trouser suits.

Hillary has certainly embraced executive style, understanding that looking polished belongs to ‘looking like a leader’.

A trouser suit can indeed look statesmanlike – it’s powerful executive dressing.

For Hillary Clinton, her Go-To dress is, in fact, a Trouser Suit.

In fact Hillary has made her trouser suits her Signature Style.

Looking fabulous, feeling comfortable and radiating confidence, Hillary can focus on the job in hand – which is winning the Presidential election.

For busy working women, wearing a trouser suit is a practical and attractive alternative to a dress, offering both Function and Form. (no worrying about a rising hem length when you sit down or a dress neckline being too revealing).

It’s very easy for women to wear trousers well and look smart, strong and stunning.

CWC style tip: it’s all about fabric quality and the shape of the jacket and the trouser – in order to balance and perfectly compliment your figure.


Below are my top 5 tips for Executive Style and wearing a trouser suit well

  1. You can look streamlined and elegantly chic.
  2. You can cover up and skim over the parts of you that you dislike.
  3. You can use the collar, shape and detailing of the jacket to focus attention on your face/top half.
  4. Trouser suits are a viable option for business day or evening wear.
  5. You can wear a trouser suit with flats or heels for the evening.


CWC style tip: a small heel adds a touch of femininity, raises your butt and lengthens the leg too. 
For a business style, I recommend a trouser suit in a neutral colour from ivory to navy, dependent on the time of year and your own colouring.

Yes you can wear a stronger colour but avoid harsh, shouty, ‘look-at-me’ colours.
You want to ‘look the part’ but not detract from what you are saying to your audience.

CWC style tip
: colour is important but it’s the shape and length of the jacket that is key to the success of your overall look.


If you like Trouser suits, they are no-brainers for executive style and today’s business capsule wardrobe.


Neutral exeuctive style business capsule wardrobe featuring an ivory business suit curated by Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist of Capsule Wardrobe Collection


Would you like to wear a trouser suit? A ready-to-wear, designer or bespoke one?
Would you like professional guidance in executive style?
If Yes, simply send me your contact details and I’ll be in touch to discuss your wardrobe.

Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist, Capsule Wardrobe Collection
Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist


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