Executive Capsule Wardrobe: Your Blueprint For Spring 2017

A New Executive Capsule Wardrobe: Your Blueprint For Spring.


If you’ve had enough of Winter and indeed your wardrobe, you’re probably ready for a brand new Executive Capsule Wardrobe.

The new season’s colours are starting to reach the shop floor.

Spring is looking very fresh and upbeat.

Spring’s brightest of colours include Pink Yarrow (an intense fuchsia, named like the flower), Primrose Yellow,
Lapis Blue, Kermit Green, Heliotrope (a vivid pink-purple, also named after the flower), Flame and Scarlet.

These are the current top colours and are precisely those will that add a burst of vitality and power to your Executive Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

Executive Capsule Wardrobe: blueprint for bright colours in Spring 2017


CWC style tip: You don’t have to be dressed from head to toe in bright colours.
Add a dash of just one of them, or wear them as part of a pattern or accessory.

To balance the brilliance of the brights, there are some gorgeous pastel colours.

These subtle and soft hues can be worn as a solid colour or as a contrast to the more dazzling colours.
From Pastel Pink, Azure, Kale Green Cement, Putty, and Slate Blue, these colours are all wearable.

Executive Capsule Wardrobe: blueprint for pastel colours in Spring 2017


CWC style tip: Pastels don’t flatter everyone’s natural colouring as they can be too draining. If you’re not sure, your Personal Stylist will advise.

You’ll still find the popular trans-seasonal neutrals: Navy and Black.
These are often used as the backbone to an Executive Capsule Wardrobe.
It’s how you wear them and what you add to them that takes you from
being everyday in your colour palette to creating corporate impact.


Executive Capsule Wardrobe For Spring 2017

For an early Spring Executive Capsule Wardrobe, I’ve chosen black, ivory and slate blue to which I’ve added accents of brights.

As it’s still cold in the UK, I’ve chosen an elegant soft tweed with a longline skirt.
A lapis blue knee length dress adds colour and shows you’re on trend without being shouty or too bright.


executive capsule wardrobe: Spring 2017


The brightest colours are limited to the accessories so as not to distract from Executive Presence but still with a nod to show your look is fresh and up-to-date.

This core wardrobe can now expand with a choice of tops, including one of this season’s brights and a trench style leather coat. A choice of jewellery and shoes from low pumps to sandals allows the capsule wardrobe to flex still further.

Once the weather warms up, you can add an oyster, silver grey or slate blue trouser to the capsule. The point of a capsule wardrobe is that you can enjoy a variety of outfits from a small collection of clothes.


Executive Capsule Wardrobe for Spring 2017 curated by Caroline Wolf of Capsule Wardrobe Collection



If you’d like an executive capsule wardrobe curated just for you by Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist for Business Women, simply send your contact details and I’ll be in touch to schedule a call or brief meeting (London only).

If you’d like to order a capsule wardrobe, make a booking and after payment you’ll be sent an online questionnaire to complete.
Your Lookbook will detail all the outfits in your capsule wardrobe, handpicked to suit your Brand Personality, Lifestyle and Budget.





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