How To Wear A Trouser Suit With Executive Style

Trouser suits are à la mode – get them right, you’ll ooze executive style.

Embracing executive style and presenting a polished appearance belongs to projecting a professional image and looking like a leader.

When it comes to exuding executive style and presence, no-one wants to make a fashion faux-pas.


Read Bethan Holt’s article in the Sunday Telegraph: 4 September 2016 with tips from Caroline Wolf


A trouser suit with a streamlined silhouette in a luxe fabric will allow you to make a statement entrance to any conference, meeting or networking event. You’ll look sleek, covered up and elegantly chic.


How to wear a trouser suit with executive style as found on Capsule Wardrobe Collection
Trouser suit with executive style from Joseph


Suit blazer, Joseph
Suit trousers, Joseph


When it comes to executive style, err on the side of understatement in a classic modern luxury style.


You don’t want to scream ‘look-at-me’ or make a fashion slip, that your clothing is judged instead of what you have to say.

It’s bad enough when it happens with a dress, (a hemline resting just above the knee which rides up when you sit down is not graceful or business-like). When it happens with a trouser suit, it can appear even worse.

You’re in men’s territory. That doesn’t mean wearing mannish suits and looking like ‘a bloke’.
It’s difficult to pull off a shape designed for the masculine shape with nonchalance.

Instead use your feminine advantage by choosing colours that women can wear plus shapes and fabrics that lend themselves to our physique.


Executive style trouser suit from Reiss


Suit Jacket, Reiss
Suit trousers, Reiss


With advice on how to add more personality and how to artfully accessorise, you can make your
trouser suit a statement piece with grace and gravitas.

CWC style tip: Fabric. Fit. Function.

Wear as luxe fabric as you can.
If you have a feminine figure, you want fabrics that are fluid, forgiving and flow over your curves.
If you have an angular figure, you can afford to wear harsher, more structured fabrics such as tweed.
Getting the fabric right is key to an executive look.


Make it your own.
Fit goes together with Cut. If a garment doesn’t fit properly, have it altered to fit properly.
If the cut is all wrong for your shape and the buttons don’t fall in the right place, forget it.
It’s not made for you and you won’t get it to fit perfectly.

Think of denim stretched over a rounded shape – let’s use a football.
Think of a wool knit stretched over it.
Now consider which fabric will sit smoothly on a football.

Your trouser suit needs to be appropriate to the occasion.
You can adapt a business suit to an evening event by removing the jacket and adding a silk satin blouse or a lace top, plus sandals or evening pumps and jewellery.



executive style max-mara-trouser-suit found on capsule wardrobe collection
Executive style trouser suit from Max Mara


Tailored jacket, Max Mara
Tailored trousers, Max Mara


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