7 Female Body Shapes And Which Business Style Is Best For You.

Posted on: 23rd March 2017

  To exude Executive Presence and Style, recognising your body shape is the first step.   It will also save you time as there is no need to try on an item of clothing that is clearly meant for another shape altogether!   Why is it important to know your body shape? You may be […]
New Confident You at Capsule Wardrobe Collection

5 Steps To A Confident New You

Posted on: 3rd January 2017

  5 Steps To A Confident New You   1. Let go of the pain If your wardrobe is giving you more headaches than joy, it’s time to take action. You want to feel joy in your appearance matched with a strong inner confidence. If the perception people have of you is contrary to your […]
Survive the Office Christmas Party

How To Survive The Office Christmas Party This Year

Posted on: 29th November 2016

It’s the season of good cheer! How To Survive The Office Christmas party. From family gatherings to office and client parties, most of us will receive an invitation or two. Whether you love a good party or not, the annual office party is often a ‘must-attend’ event in your diary. And typically you’ll have two […]

Gravitas: What Is It Exactly And How To Project It In Business?

Posted on: 8th November 2016

Gravitas. It’s a small word with a big meaning. It’s filled with power.   Gravitas: It’s instantly recognisable. It’s detectable and apparent. When someone is speaking and ‘in the zone’, it can be mesmerising. A person with the G-factor demonstrates a mix of confidence, composure, influence and that indefinable ability to walk into a social […]

Add Personal Style To Look Great Outdoors Too

Posted on: 19th October 2016

How To Add Personal Style To Your Outdoor Looks. Yes it’s Outdoor Party Season with Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night in the next few weeks, but that’s no excuse for swamping yourself in huge duvets or oversized cocoon coats. And other than in Lapland, fur coats don’t fit the style bill. Because dressing like a bear has […]
Red Bombshell dress

Every Capsule Wardrobe Needs A Bombshell Dress

Posted on: 28th September 2016

  Every capsule wardrobe needs a bombshell dress to add an extra dollop of  impact!   We all need a couple of Go-To dresses  in our capsule wardrobe. These are usually sure-fire solutions to looking groomed and polished when sudden invitations arrive or when your presence is required with little advance warning. In addition, you definitely […]
Caroline and a client talking

The Top 5 Benefits Of Having Your Own Personal Stylist

Posted on: 23rd June 2016

If you’re seriously considering working with a Personal Stylist, you’ll want to discover the Top 5 Benefits. As verified by many of my clients     Benefit No. 1: More Confidence. Having your own Personal Stylist on hand – even on speed dial – takes away the worry of ‘what to wear’. From getting dressed in the morning to […]

La Vie En Rose At Capsule Wardrobe Collection

Posted on: 2nd May 2016

  Capsule Wardrobe Collection features La Vie En Rose. We’ve taken Edith Piaf’s famous song, La Vie En Rose to illustrate grown-up pinks at Capsule Wardrobe Collection this May. La Vie En Rose At Capsule Wardrobe Collection We’ve deliberately chosen solid colours in a variety of rose pinks from the palest blush to the brightest […]

Look Stylish With A Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Posted on: 13th March 2016

Three Key Pieces To Look Stylish With A Spring Capsule Wardrobe. Look stylish and up-to-date with these three must-have pieces this Spring. The luxury bomber jacket, the wide-legged culotte and a pair of statement sneakers all belong in a Spring capsule wardrobe. You’ll not only look stylish with your new Spring capsule wardrobe but these pieces immediately raise your fashion […]

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