La Vie En Rose At Capsule Wardrobe Collection


Capsule Wardrobe Collection features La Vie En Rose.

We’ve taken Edith Piaf’s famous song, La Vie En Rose to illustrate grown-up pinks at
Capsule Wardrobe Collection this May.

Pink Dresses

La Vie En Rose At Capsule Wardrobe Collection

We’ve deliberately chosen solid colours in a variety of rose pinks from the palest blush to the brightest fuchsia and from the duskiest of pinks to the richest burgundy. These 18-hour dresses will take you from dawn to dusk with ease.  La Vie En Rose is right here at Capsule Wardrobe Collection.


At Capsule Wardrobe Collection our preferred looks belong to the ‘Less is More’ category of style: understated, sophisticated elegance.


It’s easy to overlook the plainer colours – and indeed styles – without realising the effect of them. 

All too often a monochrome dress turns into the most flattering and enchanting creation when it is actually ‘on the body’.  Dressing in one colour and one hue looks effortlessly chic.

Furthermore they allow your own personality to shine through loud and clear.
In my own wardrobe, some of my plainest dresses are my favourite Go-To pieces as they will make me look fabulous, without having to try too hard.

The clothes you wear should be a part of who You are:
they are your Visual Brand Identity

By that I mean that You wear the clothes, not they wear you – or worse still, ‘sit’ on you.
If that happens the colour for sure is wrong. Because it’s hijacked You!
The star of any outfit has to be You.

CWC style tip: when you look good in what you are wearing, the best compliments are all about You. 

So don’t be deceived by pretty colours or bold prints – they just might look better as part of your interior design and soft furnishings at home rather than on You.

Choose a hue and shape that enhances your personality and shape: from a tailored cut to an swishy A-line.
The beauty of these pink dresses featured is that your shoulders are covered yet they will still take you from a breakfast meeting to an evening event.

The brighter hot pinks this season have a clear hint of ‘look-at-me’. Therefore wear them with an extra dollop of attitude and confidence. Be dynamic. Walk tall with your back straight and your head held high.

CWC style tip: You wear the dress, not the other way around.

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The Female Executive's Handbook for businesswomen by Caroline Wolf, Capsule Wardrobe Collection
The Female Executive’s Handbook for businesswomen by Caroline Wolf, Capsule Wardrobe Collection

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