The Top 5 Benefits Of Having Your Own Personal Stylist

If you’re seriously considering working with a Personal Stylist, you’ll want to discover the Top 5 Benefits.

As verified by many of my clients


Caroline Wolf Personal Stylist for business women with a client
Left to Right: Caroline Wolf with a client.


Benefit No. 1: More Confidence.

Having your own Personal Stylist on hand – even on speed dial – takes away the worry of ‘what to wear’.

From getting dressed in the morning to receiving an unexpected Black Tie invitation, a capsule wardrobe affords you the right clothing for the right event, day after day.

This gives you confidence that whatever the time of day and whatever the occasion, you’ll already have the perfect outfit to hand. Complete with accessories.

Your first experience may begin with a wardrobe review or a lifestyle chat – you may even want a style makeover. Or you might want to re-home all the pieces that fill your dressing room but are no longer worn so that you have space for garments and outfits that you feel a real joy in wearing.

CWC style tip:  Your best piece of clothing is Confidence.

Wearing clothes that make you feel good boosts your self-esteem.

Caroline helped me to create a capsule collection that brought together my professional role
and personal style. I am now more confident for the board room. Highly recommended”.
Management Consultant, London


Benefit No. 2: More Me-Time.

Wouldn’t you rather spend time doing things you enjoy such as being with your family, going out with friends or simply relaxing?
From raising a family to looking after relatives, many working women are time-poor.

It’s what I hear most of the time:

You have no time to shop.

You resent spending your free time shopping.

Nor can you find anything you like or that fits.
As a Personal Stylist, I shop for clients all the time. It’s what I do.

Let your Personal Stylist manage your wardrobe and win back time for You.

“You don’t know how much time you have saved me by creating the perfect workwear capsule wardrobe season after season”.
Investment Banker, UK


Benefit No. 3: More Energy.

With your days typically full with work and family life, the last thing you want to do is to surf haphazardly online or trail around boutiques, stores and shopping malls.

Especially on a Saturday.

And then feel fed up and miserable for the rest of the weekend.
It makes sense to let the style expert, your Personal Stylist organise your wardrobe, whilst you spend

your energy on doing something which brings laughter and positivity into your life.

And I don’t mean Wine O’Clock!

“I can’t thank you enough Caroline, you have made my life so much easier and less stressful.”
Working mother & executive.


Benefit No. 4: More Money In Your Pocket.

Your wardrobe’s are full but you’ve nothing to wear.

It’s the 80:20 rule.

If you’re wearing 20% of all the clothes in your wardrobe 80% of the time, something has gone wrong.

There can be a myriad of reasons for this, from just not liking certain items of clothing anymore to them being the wrong colour, the wrong size, the wrong fit or the wrong style.

Whatever the reason, you don’t like them and you certainly won’t be wearing them.

Yet they are taking up valuable wardrobe space.

And make you feel bad whenever you open your wardrobe doors.

It’s probably time to say Adios.
Let’s do the maths.

If the value of your wardrobe is worth £5000, you have wasted £4000.


By investing in capsules that work together and throughout the year, you’ll be wearing all the clothes in your wardrobe.

You won’t need to buy any more clothes that you don’t like. Or you don’t wear.

You’ll save money.

“Caroline, it’s through your planned wardrobe choices for me that I am creating the life I have always wanted to live.”


Benefit No. 5: No More Stress.

For busy women, working with a Personal Stylist makes life easier and less harassed.

Receiving your personalised Lookbook also makes life easier and reduces stress.

Your Lookbook shows you how to combine the pieces to create several outfits from a small selection.

This is how a capsule wardrobe works. You wear each piece in a multiple of ways.
Because all the outfits are shown, these Lookbooks are tension negators.

From easy Workwear looks to Interview and Presentation Outfits.

From flexible Desk to Dinner outfits to Business Trip Capsules.

Lookbooks are created individually, to your lifestyle.

No more hectic unfulfilling mornings.

You only need a few minutes to grab an entire outfit or pack for a business trip or holiday.

“You always surprise me with your genius ideas.
How you combine clothes to make such amazing outfits
is a wonder.”
Lawyer, London


To book a free 30 minute consultation with me, Caroline Wolf, just get in touch here and we can schedule a time to suit you within days.

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What My Clients Think

“Caroline has the experience and confidence to help me push the boundaries of what I thought was possible”
KT, Director, London
“My experience with Caroline has been nothing short of miraculous
LN, Global Head, London
“Caroline’s skill is in interpreting what I was looking for”
AS, Director, Sydney
“You’ve really understood who I am
EJ, Lawyer, London
“I don’t know how you do it but you are consistently 100% right
AM, Partner, New York
“She is a talented person, who puts you at ease, and really knows her stuff”
FW, Business Owner, Reading
“Caroline is the secret weapon behind my wonderful revamped wardrobe”
AS, Entrepreneur, Sydney
“I always feel re-energised after speaking with you”
MT, Professional Coach, Dundee
“You’ve done it again! Genius, I love it”