You Would Love Professional Help From a Personal Stylist, But….

So what’s holding you back?
Money? Self-worth? Fear of looking ridiculous?
I meet a lot of business women and men as a Personal Stylist, and I’ve noticed that many of them

hold assumptions about Personal Styling that are false.
Or plain wrong.
So I’d like to share 5 misconceptions – myths – and put them to bed.


Myth No. 1:  “A Personal Stylist is an expensive luxury”.

Is seeking professional advice a luxury, a necessity or a mixture of both?

Nice-to-have or need-to have?
When you want to learn a new skill or improve a hobby – such as scuba diving or playing a

musical instrument, you’d want advice from a professional wouldn’t you?
When you visit your dental hygienist, a beauty therapist or visit the gym, you may even use

a Personal Trainer, these are activities and costs from professionals that are valuable for your

well-being and health.
Seeking out a great hair stylist is also money well spent because

great hair gives us that final polish and another boost of welcome confidence.
New relationships and jobs always start with how you look – it might not be fair, but it’s true.

It’s the same for men too.
As a busy woman and often ‘on show’ at work and at home from business functions to

social engagements, you also want to look your best.
That doesn’t mean ‘dressed up’ or looking picture perfect but rather looking relaxed, on-trend

and effortlessly pulled together.
People will always comment on how you look. It’s how it is.

And so it’s natural to want to look your best.
A Personal Stylist, who is professionally trained, experienced in both retailing and manufacturing,

and who creates complete looks and picks out clothes to complement ‘all the women’ you are,

has to be worthwhile.
Men may not have so many different roles but business formal from Monday to Friday

and Can’t-be-bothered on the weekends is not a meaningful representation of who you really are.
Think about a personal stylist.

It could be the best investment you ever made.
Audio interview of a client's experience of working with Caroline Wolf of Capsule Wardrobe Collection

 Listen to Halee from the States


Myth No. 2: “I’m not worth it”.

This comment always gets me wondering: Who says you’re not worth it?

And the answer is 100%, You!
Everyone is valuable.  It is admirable that so many of you make your career your priority

but that can mean that Brand You gets lost somewhere along the way.
Work can be so intense that you are so focused on that, you have forgotten about yourself –

how you look – how you come over to others.
And suddenly your career has progressed but your image is now lagging behind.

Along with executive presence.
Or you always put your family first, which is quite right, but suddenly you look dowdy,

always ‘seen’ wearing jeans and a sweater.
And you’ve lost your confidence in what suits you.

Your self-esteem (precarious for us all) drops.

Which tends to lead to negative downward spiral thinking and before too long you don’t deserve nice

clothes anymore.
That’s why I champion my clients on a regular basis.  Whether they are the CEO of an

investment bank, a hard-working entrepreneur or someone who is taking time out.
Working with a personal stylist who is also an experienced coach, increases your self-worth.

Just look into the mirror. You’re worth it.

Aren’t you?

Listen to Anna from Italy


Myth No. 3: “A Personal Stylist will dress me in crazy clothes”.

Running a successful personal styling business for women and men would turn to suicide if I

dressed people in crazy clothes.  It’s not in my interest either to make people look or feel foolish

or uncomfortable.
I may encourage and gently nudge clients to move forward a little in their style or be braver when it

comes to creating professional impact.
My golden rule is to listen to my client and find out what they want their

appearance to say to others. And what is bothering them with their style or wardrobe.
My aim is to have relaxed clients brimming with confidence and who become longterm clients.
It’s never me dictating to my clients but listening and hearing what they

don’t say as much as what they do.
And helping them to look and feel great, perhaps a million dollars even on dress down days.
It’s all about wearing appropriate styles and clothing for your lifestyle, not mine.
Listen to SUE from the Midlands, UK


Myth No. 4: “I don’t want to buy a whole capsule wardrobe”

You don’t have to.

I offer a range of Services from Personal Shopping to Wardrobe Edits, and from Capsule Wardrobes to

Coaching. (ICF Professional Certified Coach, references are available).
That’s why my client base is so mixed. And refreshing.
There are clients who want a complete re-style and others who just want to clear out their wardrobes

which have become totally unmanageable.
There are those who prefer to buy Single Outfits as and when they need it – for a special occasion

or job interview.
There are those who request a seasonal business capsule wardrobe and others who want a complete

wardrobe management service. Their wardrobes are laid out for 10-minute dressing slots.
And finally but not least, there are clients who are switching jobs, those who want to challenge their

status quo or need a sounding board who is not part of their organisation – and who would like to work

with a certified coach who has experience of working with clients from blue-chips and professional

firms and the not-for-profit sector.
The choice is yours.
I work as a Personal Stylist, a Capsule Wardrobe Creator and a Personal Coach.

Listen to FI, Berkshire, UK


Myth No 5: “What if I don’t like new clothes? Or they don’t fit”.

It’s easy to dress ‘a physical body’. It takes skill and talent to dress a personality.

I understand my clients and how they tick. It’s what I do.
Using a tried & tested process, I am focused on the outcome my clients request.

It’s not about me, it’s about You.

I style my clients in a way that answers their brief, yet raises their bar.
It is rare for anyone to walk into a shop and find every item of clothing fits perfectly.

Many of us wear the same size clothing yet all our body shapes are different.

The trick to looking polished, is not just about style.
It’s also about colours and fabrics. And how those fabrics sit on your body.

Plus the small alteration that lifts an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

A hem that turns a look from frumpy to sensational.

A shoulder line that sits where it should.

A jacket that is flattering to your physique.
These are the tricks of the trade that no personal shopper will divulge.

Yet it’s part of my service. I always go the extra mile for my clients. 


Don’t let assumptions hold you back.

If you hold assumptions about Personal Style and appearances, maybe there are some people out there

who are holding misconceptions about Brand You?
Based on your appearance and how you dress.
Ouch! It could be true.
No matter how good your ideas are, if your visual representation gets in the way

of what you have to say, you may lose out.
On your next promotion, your next career jump or just moving forward.
If it’s time for you to up the ante and dress in a style in keeping with your business position, get in touch.

And take advantage of a free 30 minute consultation


About Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist, London