How To Survive The Office Christmas Party This Year

How to survive the office Christmas Party at Capsule Wardrobe Collection

It’s the season of good cheer!
How To Survive The Office Christmas party.

From family gatherings to office and client parties, most of us will receive an invitation or two.

Whether you love a good party or not, the annual office party is often a ‘must-attend’ event in your diary.

And typically you’ll have two recurring thoughts in your head:

1. What shall I wear?

2. Will anyone want to talk to me?


In other words: How Will You survive The Office Christmas Party?

In answer to the first thought, let me give you a CWC style tip:
choose the Capsule Wardrobe Collection Single Outfit Service.

In less than a couple of days, you’ll be ready to party.
In answer to the second thought, re-frame it to:
People enjoy my company and having a conversation with me.

If you’re hosting or attending a business Christmas party, you’re still ‘at work’.
It’s quite acceptable to relax a little and still use these events as opportunities to improve your Personal Brand and further build your Client relationships.

How To Survive The Office Christmas Party.

We’ve devised a 3-step game plan to help you enjoy the office party and indeed the party season.

YOU decide how long you want to play the game.
You may surprise yourself. You may even start to enjoy it.


1. Your Entrance

Greet the world and smile.
Look for the host to say Thank you for the invitation and to announce your presence.
Then introduce yourself to the nearest person or fetch yourself a drink.

Once you have completed this first step, you can now leave. Yes!
You have been seen. Your presence will have been noted.
You have been to the party and you can leave.
After all, do you notice when other people leave?
No-one will notice when you actually leave.
It will be assumed you went to the the bathroom, fetched a drink or got waylaid chatting to someone else.


2. Participation

Smile and ask politely if you may join a small group of people.
In turn, always greet another newcomer and welcome them to join you if they are on their own.
Now that you’ve re-framed your second thought, go ahead and chat to others.
Ask open-ended questions, enquire about their work or hobbies or children, offering nods of recognition and encouragement.

Once you’ve completed a round of Participation, you can then quietly leave.
You’ve been seen. You’ve participated. You’ve contributed.


3. The Home Run

As the party continues and groups loosen and break up, it becomes easier to ‘work the room’.
You’ll feel more confident in approaching others.

After a few more conversations, you won’t be thinking of How To Survive The Office Christmas Party, You’re Doing It! Successfully.

Keep an eye on the time, thank your host and leave while the going is good.
Polite interesting people are always invited back.
And you’ll want to repeat your success.

With a helping hand from Capsule Wardrobe Collection you’ll look fabulous, feel confident and will be glowing with pride.

If you would like help in executive dress, personal development or improving your confidence, please get in touch.


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