Every Capsule Wardrobe Needs A Bombshell Dress

Every capsule wardrobe needs a red Bombshell dress recommended by Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist, Capsule Wardrobe Collection
3/4 sleeve red Bombshell dress


Every capsule wardrobe needs a bombshell dress to add an extra dollop of  impact!


We all need a couple of Go-To dresses  in our capsule wardrobe.

These are usually sure-fire solutions to looking groomed and polished when sudden invitations arrive or when your presence is required with little advance warning.

In addition, you definitely need a Bombshell dress in your capsule wardrobe to pull off a glamorous, classy and captivating look. A Bombshell dress gives your capsule wardrobe an extra lift.


3 reasons to have a Bombshell dress in your capsule wardrobe

1. It’s the Bombshell dress in your capsule wardrobe that adds the Je ne sais quoi factor.

2. It’s the Bombshell dress in your capsule wardrobe that gives you a magical hourglass figure.

3. It’s the Bombshell dress that makes you feel a million dollars.


Therefore it’s no surprise that I have a Bombshell dress.
And I receive amazing compliments every time I wear it.

Truth be told, I was so thrilled with it that I surprised my best friend with one.
Her reaction was perfect: ‘this is the best dress I’ve ever worn’.

CWC style tip: For the Christmas party season, you can’t go wrong with the Ruffle cuff Bombshell dress in devore velvet.


Devore velvet Bombshell dress for your capsule wardrobe


Click here to pre-order this limited edition dress.


Katya Wildman is the women behind Bombshell.


Katya Wildman of Bombshell at Capsule Wardrobe Collection
Katya Wildman of Bombshell


Katya is such a believer in women having confidence, that we can safely say it’s integral to her design philosophy. I’d say it’s sewn into the fabric!

So much so that I’d go as far as recommending using how you look and how you feel in your Bombshell dress as your new NLP secret self-confidence anchor.



If I’m your secret weapon to having an elegantly understated business capsule wardrobe,
Katya Wildman’s Bombshell dresses are your secret weapon to a confident hourglass silhouette.

To find out more about having your own capsule wardrobe for business and executive style, please just get in touch with your details and we can start a conversation.

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