Why You Need A Go-To Dress In Your Capsule Wardrobe.

As a personal stylist, I recommend a Go-To dress features in your capsule wardrobe. It’s a no brainer.


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You need a Go-To dress in your wardrobe because it is the one that makes you look amazing.
And going out is seriously fun!

Your Go-To dress is the one that makes dressing up as easy as ABC.
You can look effortlessly sleek and polished at a moment’s notice when that sudden invitation
requires your presence or when you have to stand in for someone else at the last minute.

As a personal stylist for business women, I recommend having at least three Go-To dresses in
your wardrobe. One for work, one for after-work and one for social occasions away from work.

A Go-To dress is one that makes you look your fabulous best and in which you feel your most confident.

Just the act of putting it on is enough to make you walk taller, with grace and self-assurance.

I also recommend having a couple of your Go-To dresses in a trans-seasonal fabric so that you can
wear them throughout the year barring extremes of temperature.

If you only have one go-to dress, make it a timeless piece.

Buy the best quality you can afford. And in a colour that will work across the seasons too.
That way it will stand the test of time. One of my go-to dresses is 2 years old from Goat.

And at a recent business women’s networking event in central London, it was praised more times than
I could count. And of course by Jane Lewis, the founder of Goat Fashion.

At Capsule Wardrobe Collection where we curate individual looks and outfits for our clients, you’ll find we’re all about understated style and modern luxury. It’s never about bling or being shouty. Or wearing the absolute latest trend. It’s about developing your own brand and style including executive presence for the board room. 

CWC style tip: Don’t think of expensive pieces as one-off items.

I’ve always mixed high end pieces with high street and occasionally with second hand clothing.
One of my favourite outfits one Summer at Saatchi & Saatchi where I worked, was to wear a pair of old Ghurka shorts from the famous army surplus store, Laurance Corner in Camden teamed with a second hand Chanel jacket. And before you laugh, outfits such as these took me from Marketing Communications straight into retailing – with a rather well-known national store group.

CWC style tip: Mix luxury with high street.

Invest in a gorgeous Go-To blouse that will see you through a couple of seasons. Simply mix it in with your ‘seasonal pieces’ including dress down jeans. The Duchess of Cambridge did just this last week, when she mixed a beautiful Goat blouse with a skirt from the high street brand, Banana Republic.

If you haven’t got a Go-To dress in your wardrobe, why not ask me, Caroline Wolf to recommend one?
You may want to push the boat out with a Victoria Beckham or 
Roland Mouret dress or choose one that can flex from day to night and from work to off-duty.


Let’s have a chat about your Go-To dress or any other wardrobe issue you may have.
Just send me an email and we can schedule a 30 minute conversation to suit you.

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