What’s The New Normality?


Discovering The New Normality.


Are you still at home? Are you still in lockdown? Easing out of it slowly?
Wherever you are on the road out of lockdown, we’re all finding that life is never going to be quite the same again.
And we’re in a process of discovery.
We’re building a new normality.


What is the The New Normality?

It changes day by day but I’m expecting more clients to be working from home at least a couple of times a week until the end of the school Summer holidays.

So it makes sense to embrace a Flexi dressing work-style taking you from At-Home to At-Work without requiring a second wardrobe of clothes.

It’s the difference from being casually comfortable at home to casually chic for office days.

If your personal style is wafting around the house in a floaty maxi or loungewear, aka fancy PJ’s, good for you.

For me, being too casual at home on a working day makes me too casual in my thinking!
If I’m working, I’m working and I need to dress the part.

Having said that, I’m not out and about as I was before and so I can be more relaxed.
It makes dressing up just a little, look a whole lot more.
And there are times that I definitely still want to slip on some glam shoes.

CWC style tip: Learn to upgrade your accessories

To show you what I mean, I’ve put together a few examples below.
The beauty of these outfits is in their simplicity.
Less is more.
Less is much more!


The New Normality & The New Way Of Dressing


Rust dress for the new normality

Rust cotton sateen shirt dress, Baukjen
Wedges, Castañer
Heels, Jimmy Choo
Metal tortoiseshell bracelet, Jaeger


Single piece dressing for the new normality

Dress, Jigsaw
Wedges, Castañer
Heels, Valentino


Dressing for the new normality

Skirt, Faithfull the brand
Sky blue T, Brora
Black compact T, Jaeger Blue jersey top, Jaeger
Pendant, Jaeger


Navy dress, Baukjen
Oval tortoise earrings, Jaeger
Ibiza sandals, Loewe
Slingbacks, Martinez Badajoz
Tortoiseshell bracelet


Dress For Your New Normality

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