Power Dressing Is For The Ambitious, Who Take Their Careers Seriously

Power dress: Kensington Terracotta from Libby London

“Dress shabbily; people remember the clothes. Dress impeccably; people remember the woman.”
Coco Chanel

Power dressing has its foundations in the 20’s with Coco Chanel and her iconic suits of a tight skirt
and timeless, collarless jacket. The aim was to enable working women to establish their
professional authority among men, whilst also looking modern and feminine.

Power dressing then became a statement in the 70’s and 80’s – you may remember boxy looking suits
with large padded shoulders and far too many pinstripes! Power dressing used to mean wearing a slightly
feminised version of a man’s suit in order to blend in and appear equal to our male counterparts.

It has only been since we were firmly established alongside our male colleagues that our power dressing
work wardrobe has been able to step away from camouflaging, and blossom into female executive
style and business elegance.


As time and fashions have evolved, power dressing has become a statement that allows us to stand out as
ambitious, competent and empowered individuals who can wear what we want and still perform the highest
standard of work.

“We’ve come a long way. Power dressing now is designed to let the woman inside us come through.” – Donna Karan

Important women through time, from Margaret Thatcher to Lady Gaga have used their wardrobe as a form of
self-expression; to build their reputation and assert their leadership.
Whatever you choose to wear to
work, and whatever your profession, exude confidence.

When choosing your power outfit, it is vital to choose clothes that are flattering for your body shape and fit well. Not only will this make you feel strong and
fabulous, but you will feel more comfortable and unrestricted so your focus is entirely on the job at hand.

Power dressing is all about presenting to others around you that you are capable and professional. So, show that you are self-assured and ambitious in yourself
as well as your work, and are ready for whatever the day may bring.

The key to finding the perfect power outfit and executive style is to ensure that you are dressed appropriately for any occasion – be it an important meeting or
a normal day at the office. Couple this credible body language and immaculate grooming and you will ooze not only polished style but professional ambition
worthy of envy.

If you are unsure of executive style, how to put together successful business looks or need a capsule wardrobe to reflect your ambition and success,
an Executive Image Consultation with Caroline is just what you need.

Caroline has the experience and expertise to find what works best for you – your personality and your office. To book a consultation, get in touch
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Ask yourself the question: Would I be taken more seriously if my professional image matched my capabilities?

Dress: Libby London Kensington Terracotta

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