The Capsule Wardrobe: Sustainable Style Series


Caroline Wolf, London Personal Stylist
Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist & Founder of Capsule Wardrobe Collection, London


What Makes A Capsule Wardrobe So Successful?


Capsule Wardrobe Collection is a personal styling service for business women and we specialise in putting together an individual capsule wardrobe for each of our clients around the globe.

Our expertise lies in understanding the many demands placed on working women and curating personalised capsule wardrobes to answer their clothing needs and enhance their busy lifestyles.


Sustainable Style Series

We’re running a series of blogs around the theme of Sustainable Style.

The first one, posted in January 2020 was based on Wardrobe Heroes.
You can read it by clicking here.

Today’s theme is the second in our series of four blogs:
What makes a capsule wardrobe so successful?

Before we can answer that, let’s look at what a capsule wardrobe is and the philosophy behind it.


What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

The term originated from Susie Faux, the owner of a London boutique in the 1970’s called Wardrobe.
The concept refers to a few essential items of timeless clothing that can be enhanced by adding seasonal pieces.

Below is an example of a 7-piece business travel capsule wardrobe, plus accessories – curated by CWC. You could easily pack these items into a wheeled cabin bag and stow in the locker of a plane.

Business Travel Capsule Wardrobe

From these 7 pieces, you will have at least 7 different outfits without wearing the same outfit twice.
These looks will take you from Business Smart to Business Casual and Cocktails.


7-piece business travel capsule wardrobe


Here at CWC, we are experts in combining an edited selection of garments that can be combined to achieve a variety of different looks.

We typically choose chic modern classics from which we can recommend a variety of interchangeable outfits for work – taking you from the boardroom to the bar, without having to change your outfit.

Our USP is that no two capsules are ever the same.
Just as two women, similar in height, physique, colouring and lifestyle, are not the same!


The Philosophy Behind A Capsule Wardrobe

‘Less is more’.

It’s that simple: you will have less clothes in your wardrobe, but more outfits to wear.

Each item is carefully chosen to work with another so from a handful of pieces, you can wear a variety of effortlessly stylish outfits – all selected to reflect your personality and lifestyle.


What Makes A Capsule Wardrobe So Successful?
And Sustainable?

There are many benefits to a capsule wardrobe, the most obvious one being that you have always a choice of what to wear.

It makes getting dressed in the morning a simple 5-minute exercise. And changing for an evening event, a simple addition or exchange  of accessories.

Consider this: most of us tend to purchase items one at a time.
Sometimes you might buy a couple of pieces, maybe even three.
Can they all work together? Do they all go with something else you already have?

Buying in a piecemeal fashion means you end up with a lot of single items.
And then you realise only a few of them will work with something else.
That’s why you might find any number of single pieces languishing at the back of your wardrobe, purchased on a whim and never to see the light of day!

The concept of a capsule wardrobe ensures that each item you have in your wardrobe works with more than one other piece, preferably several pieces.

It means you wear each piece many times over a season –  in diverse looks.
Simple maths will show you that your cost-per-wear of each item is regularly reduced.
A good quality piece will not have cost much when you consider how often you have worn it over a 3-month period.
Check out our blog written in 2014 on the subject of cost-per-wear: click here.

Of course wearing a capsule wardrobe each season helps in the role of sustainability.
You don’t need to buy new clothes on a regular basis. Once per season.
(Yes, you still need to keep your personal brand up-to-date  in the same way you keep your software up-to-date).

It makes sense to buy the best quality you can.
Blended fabrics often offer superior performance and quality as well as being kind on the skin.
Quality and careful design means fabric content will withstand wear and not fall apart after a couple of months.

For more information on our Capsule Wardrobe Service, click here.


What Sort Of Capsule Wardrobe Is Right For Me?

It depends on your lifestyle.

Many of our clients choose Business Smart or Business Casual.
Some prefer a mix between the two.
Others again require cocktail clothing to be included.
Some people use the capsule wardrobe concept for all aspects of their life comprising home/leisurewear, social events/going out, business/work and even nightwear and holidays.

Below is one of our Summer Business Casual capsule wardrobes: 8 pieces plus accessories.

You’ll find we’ve made some 14 outfits from these pieces.

Business Casual capsule wardrobe

And at least 7 outfits with or without the jacket.

Business Casual capsule wardrobe with skirts


Another 7 outfits depending on whether you prefer Business Smart or Business Casual.



Choose a capsule wardrobe to reflect Brand You  

You are your own brand and you want a capsule wardrobe to reflect who you are and your lifestyle.
Personal branding starts when you engage with someone whether that’s by email, phone, video or in person.
Don’t try to copy someone else’s style.
To get in touch, click here

CWC style tip: Set up a Zoom video call with Caroline Wolf to discuss your wardrobe needs.


Coming Soon

The third blog in our Sustainability Series: Waste Not, Want Not

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What My Clients Think

“Caroline has the experience and confidence to help me push the boundaries of what I thought was possible”
KT, Director, London
“My experience with Caroline has been nothing short of miraculous
LN, Global Head, London
“Caroline’s skill is in interpreting what I was looking for”
AS, Director, Sydney
“You’ve really understood who I am
EJ, Lawyer, London
“I don’t know how you do it but you are consistently 100% right
AM, Partner, New York
“She is a talented person, who puts you at ease, and really knows her stuff”
FW, Business Owner, Reading
“Caroline is the secret weapon behind my wonderful revamped wardrobe”
AS, Entrepreneur, Sydney
“I always feel re-energised after speaking with you”
MT, Professional Coach, Dundee
“You’ve done it again! Genius, I love it”