What does cost-per-wear mean?


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The phrase cost-per-wear is often used from fashionistas (those who devotedly follow fashion) to retailers wanting to sell a piece of clothing that most shoppers would consider expensive enough to think twice about before purchasing. If the item in question is also a classic piece, it could be called an investment piece and it will always look on-trend and never go out of style.

Who keeps certain things for ‘best’?
Nearly everyone keeps something special for ‘best’. It could be a pair of beautiful champagne flutes, a special set of table linen, a piece of jewellery, a special outfit, or an expensive dress.

The trouble with ‘best’ is that we only use our best items on very special occasions. And very special occasions are few and far between for most of us. So lots of our best stuff hangs around in cupboards and wardrobes, quite literally.

Then again, we always want to ‘look our best’ – on an everyday basis as well as on a special occasion. You might not put on your very best lingerie to go to the supermarket and back but you might want to wear lingerie that smoothes out a VPL (visible panty line) or wear a smart new dress to work that will impress our boss, a new client or simply allows us to present ourselves in a way that complements who we are and what we do.

Which brings me back to me cost-per-wear.
Let’s imagine you invested in a new business dress that cost £400. This dress is definitely for presentations, conferences and seminars. If you wore this dress twice a month for a 4-month season, the cost-per-wear or cost to wear this dress each time can be valued at £50.

However, taking this dress from desk-to-dinner gives you more business opportunities for wear, for example after-work networking, corporate evening events and client dinners.

Then by changing your jacket for a wrap, adding a piece of statement jewellery and heels, this dress could be worn for social engagements by day or evening.

Let’s re-do the maths: the cost-per-wear 4 times a month for a 4-month season is £25.00.

Now as this dress is not for ‘best’, you’ll want to wear it even more frequently.

Capsule Wardrobe Collection can help you choose versatile and trans-seasonal dresses that can be worn to all sorts of occasions and throughout the year (not just for ‘best’)


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