How To Make Your Personal Branding Visible In Your Style.

Is Your Personal Branding Visible In Your Style?


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If I was to open your wardrobe doors, or see you every day for a week, would your Personal Branding be visible in your style?

Or would I be confronted with a jumble of clothes belonging to a myriad of different persona’s ranging from Ms Grunge to Ms Business Smart?

Yes of course you’ll wear different styles according to your business schedule and lifestyle but I would still expect to see a recognisable persona coming through your visual style.

Your personality is integral to who you are and it makes sense to ensure the inner you is aligned with the outer you.


What would you like your Personal Branding Style to say to to others?

One of my client’s prefers to look ‘tailored and crisp’, whilst another client prefers to look ‘elegantly chic’.

One client likes to look ‘cool and relaxed’ and another likes to be seen as ‘authoritative yet feminine’.

Then there are those wanting to look ‘on point’ at all times.

And those who are in the young family zone who want to up their game from ‘au naturel’ to ‘casual chic’.
Note the second word of the last phrase has equal importance to the first!

Each of them now has a Personal Branding Style that is authentic to them and with which they feel confident.

Following a Wardrobe Edit and / or a new Capsule Wardrobe, your Personal Branding Style will become apparent and is visible in everything you wear, whether running a Board meeting to going out with friends on the weekend.


Your Personal Brand is like any other brand.

It’s a brand. It sends out messages. It has a look of its own.
And like a brand, you want your visual identity to be clear and strong. Recognisable.
And you want its message to be clear. Consistent. Up-to-date. Best-in-category.


As soon as you leave the privacy of your home, your Personal brand is ‘walking the talk’.

And just like branding, it gets confusing to others if you change your Signature style too often.
Or are seen in ‘old packaging’: clothes well past their ‘Wear-Me-By-Date’.

Sending out mixed messages about ourselves and seeing the confusion on other people’s faces does nothing for our confidence and self-esteem does it?

Consequently, there are times in our lives – just like in those of celebrities – where a Personal Brand Makeover is called for.

Or at the very least a brand review or update.

So that we don’t get stuck in a time warp of yesteryear.
(Nothings ages us faster than dressing how we used to, ditto with hair styles and make-up).


Successful brands always move forward.

And make changes when necessary to retain their (brand) leadership.

A Personal Brand is no different. A review is needed every few years.

My job as a professional personal stylist isn’t to dress your exterior only, like a mannequin.
It is to find out who you are and to align the inner you (your personality) with the outer packaging (your physique) in a style authentic to you. 

My aim is for you to feel confident on the inside and to look fabulous on the outside, and that you have found a visual style that authentically represents who you are.

You don’t want your appearance to let you down.
It’s easy to lose presence when we get older.
And that is exactly when you don’t want to be left behind.
Leaving a gap for other brands to rise up through the ranks.

If you haven’t sat down and really thought about your Personal Branding Style and how you come over to others, let’s have a Mindfulness session on Brand You.

Because if you’re unhappy with the way you look and what your image says to others – your unique Brand Message – then others are going to be on the receiving end of a mixed up brand.

And that could cost you a promotion, a new business opportunity and a whole lot more besides.

Remember the person who’s in charge of your brand, is You!


The Solution to Finding Your Personal Branding Style.

There are several approaches from Starting Afresh to a Re-build.
Many clients prefer to start with a wardrobe edit.
Others jump straight in with a brand new capsule wardrobe.

As a short guideline here:

1.What makes you, You?
This includes looking at your lifestyle, values, career, home and discover what your passions in life are.

2.What defines You?
Your eyes, your hair, your laugh, your voice, your attitude, your view on the world. What makes you unique?

3. Your blueprint.
A 3-word descriptor for Brand You.

4. Dressing Brand You
From colour palettes to body shapes, fabrics and personality portrayals.

Then it’s a question of filling the gaps, creating a new capsule wardrobe or finding several go-to outfits that are authentic to you and your Personal Branding Style.
Who knows, you may even have a Signature Style to call your own.

Select our Wardrobe Edit service if you’d like a professional to go through your existing wardrobe, or jump to the Online capsule wardrobe service or take the most simple route and book a VIP style service.

The added benefit of having a strong visual brand is your confidence – it’ll be sky high.
Your Personal Branding Style will align the inner to the outer. And it’ll suit you.

What’s next?

Your next step is to get in touch and blook your 1-day Personal Branding Development Workshop in Central London.
Just send your details and we can schedule a time to suit you.

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