You Can Be Clever And Like Clothes

You can be clever and like clothes

Speaking at the recent Women in the World summit, Theresa May, the Home Secretary said:
“One of the challenges for women in the work place is to be ourselves and I say you can be clever and like clothes.
You can have a career and like clothes.”

Three cheers! Yes, we’re women. Yes we’re clever. Yes we like clothes.

It’s time to stand out as a woman and a business woman.
It means showcasing your Personal brand and executive style at work. In the same way you
wouldn’t think twice about up-dating your smart 
phone or computer with the latest software,
or keeping yourself familiar with changes in your industry, so your appearance and your wardrobe
is no different. 
It needs a regular up-date.

Otherwise your business attire starts to look tired and dated and that in turn reflects on you.
You may be an expert in your field but it helps to look expert in your appearance too.
Up-to-date. On trend. In fashion. As well as oozing confidence and an ease about yourself.
Otherwise your competence and capabilities could be in doubt.  

Imagine if you had to have major surgery and your surgeon turned up in his gardening clothes.
Would you honestly
 feel so confident of his expertise?

To quote Shakespeare: “Clothes make the man”. In today’s parlance, you will be judged by your appearance.
Is it fair? Of course not. Is life fair?

A seasonal business capsule wardrobe is just one way to ensure you are on top of your professional image.
Knowing how to stay calm and manage your emotions whilst under pressure not only has a direct link to your
performance but is another way of staying on top of your professional image.

When you are in a senior position, you automatically become a role-model to more junior colleagues.
That includes how you think, act and behave as well how you present yourself – from internal meetings
to those with clients. Demonstrate your Personal brand and your executive style. It’s a must-have
for serious business women.

Whether you prefer modern tailoring, contemporary classics or a European elegance, create your own
Signature style and brand personality. Your brand is worth investing in. Be authentic. Wear looks that speak
about you, your values and who you are. And Yes, you can be a woman of style and substance.

Do you have a recognisable Personal Brand? Are you comfortable in your skin? Have you consciously
cultivated your Executive Presence?  Do you know what colours, styles, shapes and fabrics are the most
flattering for you?

If it all sounds like a too big or time consuming task to handle alone, you don’t have to!
This is where a professional stylist and coach is the perfect solution.

Equipped with experience and expertise, Caroline can help you develop your Personal brand.
She can help you rediscover and revitalise your Personal style to seamlessly blend with your
career and lifestyle.

Get in touch with Caroline today to schedule your personal Executive Image Consultation.
To book, or just to find out more, call Caroline on 020 3637 2433 or send her a message

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