Can A Business Casual Style Look Confident?

That’s quite a question. Can a Business Casual style look confident?

And can you fake confidence anyway? When we look at Business Smart dressing, whilst
looking the business‘ not only implies a level of confidence, it does indeed bestow a level of

So can a Business Casual style look confident? Or does more relaxed dressing mean the opposite?
Or is just looking more informal?

Of course there’s a risk of looking too relaxed, too informal, perhaps even laissez-faire.
Which might ask if a casual attitude might just spill over into your business life?

So can a Business Casual style still look confident. Absolutely. It’s how you come over that counts.
If your Business Casual outfit ‘tells a story’, Yes, you will look confident. In the way that people who
look pulled together exude style and competence.

It’s because you’ll look like you’ve thought about what you are wearing. And what image you want
to portray. Perhaps there’s an easy-going levelheadedness you wish to radiate? Self-possession.

If you look flung together, on the other hand, you won’t look polished.
Like it or not, your clothes will always tell a story because they something about Brand You.

Business Casual Style


The best news is that you can choose what your clothes say about you. Because they will say
something about you, long before you’ve said Good Morning.

So when you choose your clothes in the morning, what story will your clothes tell?
What are you going to choose and for what purpose?
Just taking a minute to think about how You want to come over and how you wish others to perceive
Brand You, may entice a little more food for thought.

You can choose too to put on Confidence, whether you are dressed Business Smart or Business Casual.
See what Amy Cuddy says about confidence and faking it.

The key to looking confident is to feel confident on the inside too. When there is harmony between the
inner and outer you, you’ll have reached a level of self-assurance that many people strive for.

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