If Wardrobes Matter, A Personal Stylist Is Your Secret Weapon.

If you’re serious about your career, you’ll have your secret weapon on call: Your Personal Stylist.


Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist
Caroline Wolf, Personal Stylist


And your Personal Stylist will work primarily with business women.

With a successful career or one that is rising to the top, you already understand that how you dress is hugely important.
You’ll want to have your Personal Stylist on call for that last minute invitation or sudden request to attend a function.

It’s often a discrete Personal Stylist who quietly manages a leader’s Business Wardrobe.
One who helps ensure you look polished, particularly when standing in front of a conference room of people.

Your Executive style and Business wardrobe reflects your Personal Brand.
Your clothes are and as such are a valuable tool in your professional armoury.
As the old adage says: If a picture is worth a thousand words… a powerful executive style IS important.
Because YOU are the picture.


Your Business Wardrobe is on show.

And your appearance will always have the first word, because it’s what everyone sees long before you have the chance to say anything at all.

I’ve written several articles on the importance of executive style and business wear, because how you look not only speaks volumes about you but it’s instant fashion language. (See below for further articles).

People will base their opinions of you based ‘on a glance’ – unfair but true.

It doesn’t matter how clever you are, how communicative you are or how good your ideas are, other people will always make comments and pass judgement on how a woman looks, first. It is so.

CWC style tip: Never underestimate the power of your appearance.

Take the competitive advantage –  the non-verbal communication winner – by dressing appropriately.

It’s vital that whatever your career and position, you look the part.


Always have a couple of Go-To dresses in your wardrobe – even behind your office door.

Turning up in Dress Down Friday won’t cut the mustard. You won’t look the part.

You’ve demoted yourself. Just by your clothes and appearance.

CWC style tip: Be a woman of substance, and style.


Look like a leader. Look like someone with a future.

Exude executive presence and gravitas.

If your clothing is on point, it’s not mentioned. Because you look the part.


Just as we keep our technology up-to-date so we have to keep ourselves up-to-date.

Aim to look polished, influential and powerful.


As Theresa May famously said:

“You can be clever and still like clothes”

To find out how to improve your Executive Style, simply send me your contact details and let’s have a one-to-one conversation.


An edited selection of articles written by Caroline Wolf on Executive Style:

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