Professional Image Is Not A Fluffy Subject. It’s A Must-Have For Business People.

Your professional image is the first thing you present to your clients. To your colleagues. Even to your competition.

Before you have a chance to show people what you’re really made of, your image is your first impression, and people will judge you on it.

Your clothes and your body language both tell stories about who you are, so when it comes to presenting your first impression, you want
to put your best foot forward.

The business world we operate in holds expectations of appropriate professional image, based on both the physical image and behaviours
that go with it. And this extends further than just adhering to the office dress code.

So, a strong professional image is a must-have for any businessperson as it is what communicates that you are ready for the job at hand,
and have the ability to perform it to a high standard.

“Looking the part helps get you the chance to fill it.” – Malcolm Forbes

The aim of the game is to showcase your Personal brand. From your clothes to your nails; from your posture to your confident smile.

Pay attention to detail.


Look The Part

Looking professional and ready for anything means choosing outfits that are appropriate for your body shape. Choose clothes that
are flattering on you above all else. Every item should fit you well and look immaculate. This includes ensuring everything is clean and
ironed without things like hanging threads or faded colours.

To look professional you also need to be well groomed – including your hair, nails and makeup.
To look powerful, you need to look polished.


Act The Part

How you carry yourself is equally important to your overall professional image. Stand up straight with your shoulders back to exude
confidence. Make sure you listen well to others, make eye contact and smile to show you are in control and on top of everything.

Your physical presentation alone won’t command the respect you deserve in the workplace. But team it together with exemplary etiquette,
polite manners and great communication skills and you will set yourself apart from the rest.

Feel The Part

Just as you want others to believe in your talent, it is even more important for you to feel confident in your image and abilities. Having
confidence in yourself will help to boost your professional performance, and may even enhance your possibility for promotion.
You should feel strong and look fabulous, and success will follow.

Confidence is the glue that brings together your clothes, hair, posture and handshake to complete the package:
your Personal brand and professional image.


Trying to establish the professional look and wardrobe that best reflects who you are can be quite a difficult task.
But as a striking professional image is a must-have for career-people, it is not something you should give up on. If you are struggling,
a personal stylist could be just the answer. Caroline will use her vast experience, and work with you to come up with a Personal brand
that will communicate who you really are in the workplace.

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