The Best Tip On How To Conquer Cocktail Chic



The easiest way to conquer Cocktail Chic…


… is to choose a dress that follows your body shape
(instead of forcing your shape into one that doesn’t do justice to your own silhouette).

There are no right or wrong body shapes: the trick is knowing how to dress yours for confidence and style.


At CWC we use 7 body shapes.

They’re based on fruits and vegetables.
It brings an element of humour into styling sessions.
And it breaks the ice with women talking about their shape.

If you missed the blog on body shapes, click here.


CWC 7 Body Shapes For Women



If you’re bold, Yes you can wear any colour and any shape but to conquer Cocktail Chic with an extra dollop of self-assurance, choose a dress that will be most flattering for your shape. 


The Key Differentiators & How To Dress For Your Shape



CWC cocktail chic kiwi

With a rectangular body shape, where your shoulders and hips are the same width, and with little waist definition, choose a dress that skims (not emphasises) your middle.


CWC cocktail chic outfits for a kiwi body shape





CWC cocktail chic body shape Tomato

With a fuller figured body shape with gorgeous curves, choose a dress in a fabric that moves with your curves.


CWC cocktail chic for body shape tomato




CWC cocktail chic for an Apple body shape

You tend to hold weight around your tummy, but you’ve probably slim shapely legs. Choose a dress offers draping over your middle or outfits that let you show off your legs.


Cocktail Chic for the Apple body shape




Cocktail Chic for an hourglass or peanut shape

Curvaceous! You might be a neat hourglass or you may be more voluptuous. Either way, you have curves: a bust, waist and hips. Follow your body shape with tailored dresses to show off your curves and avoid shapeless outfits.


Cocktail Chic outfits for a Peanut shape





Cocktail Chic for CWC pear body shape

With a Pear shape, you hold weight on your bottom half. When choosing a dress, you’ll find shapes that flow over and away your hips are more flattering. Use accessories and detailing on your upper body.

Cocktail Chic outfits for a CWC Pear shape





Cocktail Chic and Strawberry body shape

You’ve a strong silhouette with your shoulders wider than your hips. Choose a dress or outfit that shows off your shoulder line or softens them down.


Cocktail Chic for Strawberry body shapes




Cocktail Chic and the Runnerbean body shape

Long and lean, you’ve a straight up and down body shape. Choose a dress that promotes your slender silhouette or outfits with heavier fabrics or extra pockets and details to give you more shape.

Cocktail Chic for a Runnerbean body shape



Conquering Cocktail Chic


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