The Best Tip On How To Conquer Cocktail Chic

The Best Tip On How To Conquer Cocktail Chic

Posted on: 28th November 2017

    The easiest way to conquer Cocktail Chic…   … is to choose a dress that follows your body shape (instead of forcing your shape into one that doesn’t do justice to your own silhouette). There are no right or wrong body shapes: the trick is knowing how to dress yours for confidence and […]
Presidential Style and Executive Style

5 Tips On How To Carry Off Presidential Style With Grace

Posted on: 26th January 2017

How To Channel Your Presidential Style     If you’ve been following the US elections over the past year, you can’t have failed to notice how the key women have been honing their Presidential Style. And here in the UK, we’re well used to our Prime Minister’s fashionable appearance and that of other leading business […]
New Confident You at Capsule Wardrobe Collection

5 Steps To A Confident New You

Posted on: 3rd January 2017

  5 Steps To A Confident New You   1. Let go of the pain If your wardrobe is giving you more headaches than joy, it’s time to take action. You want to feel joy in your appearance matched with a strong inner confidence. If the perception people have of you is contrary to your […]
Nightwear capsule wardrobe

How To Create A Nightwear Capsule Wardrobe

Posted on: 12th December 2016

Why You Need A Nightwear Capsule Wardrobe.   It’s easy to dismiss what you wear to bed but your choice of sleepwear also says something about You. Is it time for a Nightwear capsule wardrobe? If the message your nightwear is sending out is not reflecting Brand You or your personality, then it’s definitely time […]

Fancy A New Wardrobe From A Personal Stylist?

Posted on: 6th June 2016

You Would Love Professional Help From a Personal Stylist, But…. So what’s holding you back? Money? Self-worth? Fear of looking ridiculous? I meet a lot of business women and men as a Personal Stylist, and I’ve noticed that many of them hold assumptions about Personal Styling that are false. Or plain wrong. So I’d like […]
Go Victoria Beckham, Roland Mouret & Michaela Jedinak Go-To dressesTo VB plus 2

Why You Need A Go-To Dress In Your Capsule Wardrobe.

Posted on: 24th May 2016

As a personal stylist, I recommend a Go-To dress features in your capsule wardrobe. It’s a no brainer.   You need a Go-To dress in your wardrobe because it is the one that makes you look amazing. And going out is seriously fun! Your Go-To dress is the one that makes dressing up as easy […]

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