Get Ready For Spring And Trans-Seasonal Clothing

Spring 2018


Early Spring Means Hello Trans-Seasonal Clothing.

It might be cold but have you noticed the days are getting longer?

Earlier dawns and later dusks means Spring is coming.
And that means Trans-seasonal clothing: pieces that you can wear between seasons and nearly all year round.

The Best Piece Of Trans-seasonal Clothing Is The Iconic Trench Coat.

Cool, classy and oh-so stylish. There’s something luxurious about a statement trench.
It goes over anything, from a business formal outfit to a casual pair of jeans and cashmere sweater.
Wear a trench with a nonchalant air.
Wear it closed in rainy weather or simply throw it over your shoulders in a breezy manner.

What Is A typical Trench Coat?

–   It’s made from a cotton gabardine drill (heavy duty outdoor cotton).
–   It’s often shorter than a normal coat, but it can be any length.
–   It’s mostly found in a khaki or beige colour.
–   It’s double-breasted.
–   It has wide lapels, storm flaps, wrist buckles and a belt buckle.
–   It still looks a functional piece of outerwear 
     (its name is associated with its practicality in the trenches).


My Top 5 Trench Coats For Spring & Trans-Seasonal Clothing


Spring and trans-seasonal clothing
Classic Neutral Trench Coats

Burberry, Aquacutum, S Max Mara, Gerard Darel, Marella



When it comes to colour, neutral colours are best. Sophisticated and en pointe. 
Neutral starts with off-white and ends with greige (grey/beige) with all tones in between.|
 from tan to camel, from taupe to mocha and from stone to olive and khaki.|


CWC style tip: Getting a beige right is down to your skin tone.


Spring and trans-seasonal clothing



Today’s trench coats are also available in a variety of colours, although I am not a fan. 

CWC style tip:  If you want to wear a trench in a fashion colour, keep it as your second one because the colour will date.


The Alternative Trench For Trans-Seasonal Clothing

Not everyone is a fan of the Trench coat.
And this year we see the Return of the Raincoat.

These are perfect for Spring, trans-seasonal dressing and when you want more than a jacket but not so much as coat.

They may lack the sassy look of a trench but they can look sleek and polished as they’re less bulky than a trench.


My Top 5 Raincoats For Spring & Trans-Seasonal Clothing


Spring and trans-seasonal clothing

Weekend MaxMara, Jigsaw, Aquascutum, Barbour, Allsaints



If you are looking to up-date your wardrobe from Winter to Spring, invest in a capsule wardrobe and have outfits ready to wear whatever your schedule and whatever the weather.

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