Commuter Chic & How To Travel With Style

5 Tips On Commuter Chic
And How To Travel With Style.


Commuter Chic And How To Travel On Business With Style
Commuter Chic: Wheeled Suitcases, Carry-On Trolleys, Backpacks, Laptop Bags & Totes.

What is Commuter Chic?

Whether you globe trot around the world, travel regularly on short-haul business trips or have a daily commute, your travel bags speak volumes about You.

It doesn’t matter if you travel Business Class or Economy, your luggage and work bag form an integral part of your executive image and Personal Brand.

En route to a conference by air or train, there are times when you need a bag that’s bigger than a handbag.
From a wheeled trolley bag to a slimline backpack, these accessories are intrinsic in communicating your business style.

And they can make or break your ‘whole appearance’ – especially a first impression.
It is these commuter add-ons to your business wardrobe that need to look as chic as you do.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re transporting a laptop or business heels, your bag will be seen!


Commuter Chic & How To Travel With Style


Arriving at a travel hub with luggage that is long overdue for an upgrade diminishes your entire image.

Simply put: your work bags can add value to your Personal Brand, or they can devalue it.

To look business smart oozing composure and sophistication, everything about you needs to look polished:
from the hair on your head to the shoes on your feet.
And that includes the jewellery you wear and the work bag you may carry.

Be a luggage snob, not a slob.
Choose pieces that show good taste yet are stylish and practical.


Commuter chic means business travel with style.

It doesn’t matter if you are flying long haul or taking a short daily journey, use pieces that say refined elegance and social composure.


5 Tips For Commuter Chic: Travelling With Style

1) A 4-wheeled trolley bag with an ergonomic and telescopic handle allows you to roll it alongside you with ease.

Ergonomic handles allow you to push or pull your luggage, even rotate it 360 degrees with ease, without shoulder or wrist strain.

The best carry-on luggage will also have a carry handle at the base of the bag to make it easier to lift it into an overhead compartment.


 Commuter Chic & How To Travel With Style


2) Choose a size of bag, appropriate to the length of your stay.

For a week-long business trip, a carry-on trolley is large enough.

And it means no waiting around at the luggage carousels.


Commuter Chic & How To Travel In Business Style

3) Choose a colour that  fits with your position and Personal brand

Recommended colours, especially for business trips:
Metallics, Anthracite, Navy, Bordeaux and Tan. Black and red are also acceptable.
Avoid brights, neons and large or shouty patterns.


Commuter Chic & How To Travel With Style

4) Accessorise with taste

If you travel a lot and make longer trips away, buy a set of luggage.
Matching pieces of luggage make a statement and look smart. Sleek. Smaller totes can match or blend into the larger pieces.


Commuter Chic & How To Travel With Style


5) Keep  it streamlined.

Avoid excess!

1-2 bags for a daily commute: 1 handbag and 1 work bag/backpack or 1 business tote.

2-3 bags for travel overnight or longer: 1 handbag, 1 workbag and 1 suitcase.


Commuter Chic and streamlined business travel bag


Key bags shown (available at the time of going to press)

Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Business Multi-Wheel
Samsonite Cosmolite Navy 4-Wheel Suitcase
Samsonite Cosmolite Pearl 4-Wheel Cabin Suitcase
Samsonite Litecube Silver 4-Wheel Medium Suitcase
Mark Cross Grained Leather Suitcase
Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Hybrid Red Multi-Wheel
Knomo Sedley Black 2-Wheel Boarding Bag


Other commuter bags


commuter chic and how to travel with style

Knomo black trolley bag
Milli Millu forest green backpack
Knomo black backpack
Knomo red tote

If you know your work bag could do with an upgrade or you’d like your whole executive image upgraded, get in touch.


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