Discover The Magic Of An Ivory Blazer In Your Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe

There’s magic in an ivory blazer in your Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe.



Ivory jacket for a Summer business capsule wardrobe at Capsule Wardrobe Collection


I always recommend an ivory blazer in your Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe to add the final polish to your professional appearance.

Summer fashion tends to become louder and louder ending in a brash and bold screaming riot of colour.

That’s all very well on holiday in the Mediterranean or in the exotic climes of the Caribbean, but if you’ve been carefully cultivating a more sophisticated workwear look, don’t let ‘fashion brights’ and high temperatures tempt you to lower your standards when it comes to executive business attire.


CWC style tip: remember when the heat rises, so do your style credentials.


At CWC, we lean towards understated modern luxury with refined looks and timeless style.


As the saying goes: Less Is More.

It’s about looking effortlessly chic and always pulled together.
You want to appear relaxed and at ease in your body as if you’ve casually thrown a few items together that radiate: Chic, Professional, Elegance.

There needs to be a simple fluidity about your presence.
The same goes for your wardrobe. It needs to be concise, edited and uncomplicated.
So that whatever you find in your wardrobe, it always goes with something else.

And that’s what a capsule wardrobe is all about.   


The 5-day business capsule wardrobe
based on an ivory jacket.


The trick with a white jacket is to be able to S-T-R-E-T-C-H it across several outfits.

And the magic is that the right jacket will enhance each outfit, whether the base piece is a dress, skirt or trouser.

You don’t need a designer blazer if the high street is offering one that is a good shape, of good quality and the fabric is kind to the feminine physique.


I’ve curated  a  5-day Summer business capsule wardrobe featuring several shapes and hem lengths.
This adds still more interest to your professional look.
It also makes your wardrobe twice the size it really is!


10 piece Summer business capsule wardrobe
The full 10-piece Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe


The core capsule

With the ivory blazer acting as our anchor for your capsule wardrobe, we need to add some core pieces.
These items will be the mainstay of the capsule, supporting the ivory blazer.


Base pieces for a Summer business capsule
Dove blue pencil dress, A-line neutral dress and a full midi skirt in black and ivory.



The Accessories

Use your feminine advantage by wearing quality accessories, that further raise your style credentials as well as ringing the changes of your business presence.


Wearable office-friendly heels, smart handbag and chic scarf to adding colour and style.
Accessories of wearable office-friendly shoes, smart handbag and striking scarf.


How To Wear Your 5-day Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe.


Blue pencil dress in a Summer business capsule wardrobe



Neutral A-line dress as part of a Summer business capsule wardrobe
Wear it as a suit , on its own or with the jacket half open.



Mono A-line skirt as part of a Summer business capsule wardrobe
Wear a jacket with a camisole top for added finesse.


CWC style tip: Check the office etiquette if sleeveless tops are acceptable.


Many influential and city business women dress from a capsule wardrobe – it simplifies their life, whatever their schedule. Check out the testimonials on the website.

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