Pre-Fall Capsule Wardrobe For Business Womenl


Look fashion-forward with a Pre-Fall capsule
wardrobe for business women.


The early bird catches the worm and if you want to be as up-to-date as your mobile and
computer software, let’s preview Autumn businesswear and a Pre-Fall capsule wardrobe.

We may have had a baking hot Summer and it’s not over yet but as the wheel of time rolls on,
you’ll soon be needing warmer and for most, smarter clothing for work.

Let me showcase the new colours and tempt you with a Pre-Fall capsule wardrobe to ease
you into the cooler temperatures coming our way. 


Autumn Key Colours 


These are the colours you’ll see a lot of, especially those stand-out boldly rich Autumn
colours such as Valiant Poppy, Ceylon Yellow,  and Russet Orange and glorious Ultra Violet.
Alongside those, we’ve olives, greeny blues, deep shiny metallic bronzes and coppers. 

If you’re wondering where black is, it’s there … of course it is!
I’ve decided not to show it because with all those glorious colours, why wear black?
Especially if it’s the main culprit to throw tired shadows where you don’t want them:
on your face!


Colour & Style Combinations

You’ll also see unusual colour combinations such as yellow & green and red & brown as well
as mixed patterns in the same garment.



Pre-fall capsule wardrobe for business women

Autumn preview



CWC style tip:
as much as there are trends for cut-out clothing, so there is equally a strong trend for
Modest Fashion. Expect to see more midi’s and high neck blouses  whilst still emphasising
the feminine silhouette. 


How To Put Together A Pre-Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Using this season’s blue and orange as my colour palette, I’ve combined a 7-piece
capsule wardrobe.
You can wear at least 10 outfits from this capsule
without wearing the same outfit twice.
With the detailing in the prints, you need less jewellery.


Pre-fall capsule wardrobe for business women



To order a personalised capsule wardrobe this Autumn, get in touch.

To view what our clients say about Capsule Wardrobe Collection, click to read here.

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