How To Layer Up Your Business Style For Autumn

Woman wearing layers of clothing for Autumn


The best way to keep stylish when the seasons turn, is to layer up your style.

It’s the season of what I call ‘the Onion look’ when you need to remove or add on layers according to the temperature.

The trick of successful layering is to ensure that each layer is a look in itself.

That way how ever many clothes you have layered on, each layer tells its own story. It doesn’t look like something is missing.

As we wave goodbye to the brittle brightness of Summer, so we welcome Autumn with its stronger character and richer palette of colours.

The colours this Autumn are a treasure chest of abundance: exuberant hues with more intensity and depth.

These shades demand a persona to match: a little more vibrancy, a little more theatre and a good dollop of energy.

How To Layer Up Your Business Style This Autumn

If you have a soft and honeyed complexion, you can pull of several neutral shades simultaneously.
Add still more layers by way of accessories from gloves to scarves and hats.

The Trick Is To Blend Your Colours 


How to layer up your Business style for Autumn



Or Layer Up With Contrasting Colours 

On the other hand if you have a complexion that looks brighter with bursts of contrasting colour, use it to your advantage.

Take a neutral base and add that pop of colour, always letting each layer tell its story.


How to layer up your Business style for Autumn



Tailored Suiting Lends Itself To Layering Up This Season

There’s a huge amount of tailoring this Autumn and in gorgeous outdoor colours that liven up any business wardrobe. Choose from a classic rich scarlet, to rich burgundy and even to olive and forest greens.

The Autumn season allows for more textures too from wools to bouclé’s to velvet and shiny satins.
There are dark florals, stripes, tweeds and prints.

Take advantage and max up your business wardrobe.
If you can’t face a green business suit, put green into a blouse.
It shows you know what’s what.

Add florals and checks into your tops.

Talking of layers again, add a hat.
It adds Style with a capital S.


How to layer up your Business style for Autumn


The Best Tip With Suiting Is To Break It Up And Layer It Up Again

That’s right to wear the jacket with another pair of trousers or skirt and vice versa.
Consider a Prince of Wales check with a burgundy stripe running through it.
Pair it with a burgundy skirt – and better still, in another fabric such as wool or velvet.

Styled correctly you can even take a tailored suit into the weekend.


How to layer up your Business style for Autumn


If you want to add more colour and layers into your Business wardrobe but aren’t sure how to, invest in a Personal stylist.

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