How To Breathe New Life Into Your Autumn Business Wardrobe

How’s your business wardrobe looking for Autumn and the cooler months ahead?


Is your wardrobe looking dark and dreary like the weather’s going to be?

Or full of life and the glorious colours of nature’s Autumn?

It’s time to breathe fresh new life into your business wardrobe, by adding rich bold colour.


Musical note for rainbow colours of Autumn 2017 at Capsule Wardrobe Collection Blog

“Red and yellow and pink and green
  Purple and orange and blue…”

If you know the words to “I can sing a rainbow”, then you’ve got this season’s key colours stitched up.



The colours might sound like the colours in a rainbow but that’s where the analogy ends.
Because current colours are far from soft rainbow colours: they’re full on!

And to match their depth and hue, you need to be fearless, intrepid and throw in a pinch of attitude.

I dare you to be strong and powerful as in these top London colours.


Pantone Fashion Colour Report Fall 2017 on Capsule Wardrobe Collection



How To Wear Autumn’s Colours In Your Business Wardrobe 


Are you in, or out?

If you’re in, you’ll be embracing red – from scarlet to ox blood – with gusto.

To carry off a strong red, you need confidence to match.

I recommend a red dress in every wardrobe because you can wear one any time.
And especially when you don’t feel on top form. Trust me.

Red is like magic, the colour is assertive and you feel influential it makes you feel stronger and in control.


Roksanda red dress for your Autumn Business Wardrobe

Dress, Roksanda



If you feel the new colours are too full on for you for an Autumn business wardrobe, wear the strongest shades in accessories.

That way you are giving a nod to the season’s key colour without actually wearing a lot of it.

Alternately wear the colours in separates or tone them down as part of a pattern.


Navy dress for an Autumn business wardrobe



How To Update Your Style In Your Autumn Business Wardrobe


It’s time to spruce up.

We’re talking tailored and clean lines softened with pussy bows and feminine sleeves.

The look is for refined style, elegance and a touch of luxury.

This season’s style features more midi length dresses and skirts.
Yes the knee length is there, as are above the knee options.
As many a business woman knows, sitting down in a dress that rides up is not dignified.
For first choice I’d choose for just below the knee or a midi.


The principal style trend this season is THE SLEEVE.


Yes this season’s fashion focus is firmly on the Sleeve.
It’s about making a statement about your sleeves!

For business, look for flowing and fluted to ruffles and tie-detailing.
Chosen well, these blouses can take you through to the evening and weekend.

Other style trends include high waisted midi skirts and wider tailored trousers.


CWC style tip: the new midi skirt in an A-line cut with a high waist is super flattering.


How to wear colour in your Autumn Business Wardrobe 2017 at Capsule Wardrobe Collection

Skirt, Goat



It always pays to go to an expert.


And that’s the same in fashion and style.

It sounds easy as if you should know what to buy.

But with limited time and a lot of choice out there, it’s all too easy to pick out the wrong piece, in the wrong colour and wrong shape for you.

That’s the paradox of choice. It’s impossible to make the right decision!

Which can damage your personal brand and the look you’re trying to achieve.


Do you have the time to afford such a risk?

The biggest false economy is to buy too cheap.

Because you’ll end up buying twice.

Why miss out on the opportunity to buy what’s right for you, the first time round?

Investing in a Personal Stylist is the way forward for business women. If you prefer a private gym membership or your own personal trainer, perhaps it’s time for a Personal Stylist to manage your business wardrobe?


For discreet executive style advice and to invest in an Autumn business wardrobe, get in touch here.


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