To Face Mask Or Not To Face Mask?

Non medical cotton face masks

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To face mask or not to face mask? That is the question on everyone’s lips.

Whether or not you agree that it’s better to wear a face mask or not, everyday it’s becoming
‘the new norm’.

Wherever you look, it’s becoming customary to see someone wearing a face mask as they go about their daily life.

In some countries it is now compulsory to wear masks in public and in others, it’s highly recommended, especially when supermarket shopping or where there may be more people around than your direct household.

Masks may not protect us totally from Covid-19 but they for sure won’t do us any harm.

In the UK, many leading newspapers are reporting on, and getting behind, doctors across the UK who have lent their support to  ‘Masks4allUK’, a movement set up by medical professionals to make the wearing of face masks compulsory.
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Buy a face mask or make your own.

There’s more choice than you might have imagined when it comes to face masks.

You may prefer to buy a paper one or a cloth one.
You may find that wearing your a DIY-shop dust mask fits fine.
And you may be lucky enough to have a FFP3 respirator surgical mask.

Either way it’s familiar nowadays to see people wearing some sort of nose and mouth covering to offer added protection against Covid-19.

A whole new cottage industry of men and women making their own masks or manufacturing them for adults and children has sprung up. Not to mention fashion retailers and manufacturers who have started to produce them at short notice, using spare material, end of bolts of fabrics etc.

From silk scarves to home-made masks made from cotton squares with or without a coffee filter or hoover bag acting as another protective layer or liner, everything that covers your nose and mouth can help.

With that in mind, you’ll find below where you can buy a mask to buy and support our NHS and medical staff as well as having a go at making your own.

How to buy a mask and support the NHS

Support the #Masks4all* campaign from Baukjen direct.

* Packs of 5 or 100
These are non-medical masks from Baukjen and made with 100% cotton.
They are treated with an anti-bacterial coating for extra protection.


How to make your own textile mask


See Home Genie Georgina Burnett’s tips on how to make a face mask: click here.

See Good Housekeeping’s tips on how to make a face mask: click here.


On a serious note

Baukjen are selling their face masks without making any profit. 

CWC does not receive any commission for promoting these masks via our Newsletter, Website or Email marketing.


On a lighter note 

CWC Style Tip
: Face masks may soon become a style symbol, so why not be a trend-leader and wear them to complement your outfit!

LK Bennett + face mask


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