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It’s Time To Order Your Summer Holiday Capsule Wardrobe


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So you’ve booked your holiday. Fantastic. As your Personal Stylist, my next question is of course:

What are you going to pack?

Could it be: a neat Summer Holiday Capsule Wardrobe conveniently packed into a carry-on trolley?


You don’t know? You haven’t thought about it yet?

You haven’t decided if you need to pull out ‘last year’s Summer holiday swimsuits’?

Or those that will ‘still do’ from several years ago? Uh oh!


Trust me, as a Personal Stylist, you want to treat your

holiday capsule wardrobe like any other Project.


It needs planning, refining and honing so that you will wear each piece that you pack, not just 1/3 of it.

Buying items at the last minute is not the best option either.

Your choice will be limited and you may only find items that were never liked or didn’t fit anyone  well in the first place.


Let’s get going.

Put everything – yes everything you think you ‘might’ wear onto your bed.

Then put away half.

And start working with those pieces still on the bed.

These will be the ‘better’ pieces but there still might be some that are – let’s be truthful …

well past their on-trend date. Even past their wear-by date. Oops!


You can always recognise people proudly wearing their ‘old’ holiday clothes.

Who hasn’t seen someone of a certain age still wearing a singlet or a T-shirt dress with an

inappropriate or out-of-date slogan on?

Shorts that are cut-off denims, crop tops that don’t quite fit any more….

I’m not talking about clothes from yesteryear but yesterdecade.

Yes you might still fit into them, you might even be the same size but your body will not be exactly the same as it was then.
Sorry but it’s a harsh fact of life.

And the fabric won’t be the same as it once was either.
Another harsh fact of life.


It’s time to up-date your Summer Holiday clothing into a neat Capsule Wardrobe.

Everyone wants to look their best on holiday, don’t they?

Especially when you’ve got a little bit of a tan – so why not have some up-to-date fabulous pieces?

There’s no need to break the bank.

But you want to enjoy your holiday instead of wishing you had purchased a few new pieces.

Especially those that flatter your physique and chosen by a Personal Stylist with You in mind.

And got yourself a smart lightweight trolley bag as well.


Today’s blog gives you a taster of how good you could look.

I’ve selected some gorgeous beach pieces for a tropical or long haul destination holiday.

Swimwear on the beach or around the pool is fine.

However, when going for a snack or you’re out for a light lunch, it always pays to add a little more

coverage – from a silky playsuit, to a mini dress or maxi.

Add a sun visor to create a little more style as well as protection.


For a tropical destination:



If you’re holidaying in the UK – where the weather might range from warm and sunny to inclement,

you need a day dress that will take you to the beach or not.

And take a packable hat – so if you don’t need it, you can just throw it into your beach bag.

At least that’s got palm trees on it!


For a UK beach holiday:

UK beach holiday capsule wardrobe



And finally for those who love floating around on holiday in a maxi.

How to wear a Maxi dress whatever the time is: 


How to wear a maxi dress in your Summer Holiday Capsule Wardrobe



Now that I’ve whetted your appetite for investing in a new Summer Holiday Capsule Wardrobe,

all you have to do is to send me your contact details via this linked form and I’ll be in touch with

you to discuss your Summer Holiday Capsule Wardrobe requirements.

In the shortest time, you could be sipping a cocktail in the comfort of your sitting room

using our Click & Buy function. There’s no need to go to the shops at all!


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