Confidence is your best piece of clothing


What shall I wear today? A dress? A skirt? Trousers?  What have I got that I quite like? That will do?
If your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes that you don’t like, you don’t look great in, and that you don’t wear,
it’s going to be hard to feel powerful and look polished.

In fact your best piece of clothing might surprise you because it isn’t a piece of clothing at all.
Confidence is your best piece of clothing.  It belongs in any discerning wardrobe. And it features
in every capsule wardrobe. Because you always want to feel confident and look fabulous.
Whatever you are wearing and whatever the occasion.



Confidence turns a great outfit into something exceptional. It gets you noticed and for all the right reasons.

Whether you are dressed up or dressed down, business smart or casually smart, your clothes are never neutral.
Clothes talk. Believe me, they’ll have their say. And they’ll typically talk about you before you can.
They’ll make their impression before you do.

What you choose to wear expresses who you are. Clothes tell a story about you.
They showcase your personality, reveal your lifestyle and can even act as armour for extra strength.

So if your clothes are going to make their entrance before you do, it makes sense to align how you want to feel
on the inside with how you want to look on the outside: confident and fabulous.

Do you feel confident? And fabulous? Many of us experience a major confidence deficit when it comes to buying clothes.
There can be a myriad of reasons for this but the most frequent ones are:

1. You hate shopping. You hate changing rooms even more. 
And you can’t find clothes that fit. Or look good on you.

2. You don’t have time to do it well but recognize the need to look professional, pulled together and visible.

3. You want your clothes to mirror who you are and what you do, instead of being the ‘available ones’
on any given weekday morning.


It’s time to get real. If you’re serious about your career and how you look, having a personal stylist goes hand-in hand
with that.

In the same way you stay on top of trends in your industry so you need to stay on top of your personal presentation.

Investing in Brand You  – whether it’s taking out a health club membership,  having your hair regularly styled and
your nails manicured, regularly updating your business wardrobe or employing a discreet personal stylist is not an indulgence.
It’s an essential for any business woman who wants to look and feel more powerful and be taken more
seriously – especially in the board room.

Imagine what it’s like to open your wardrobe and have a choice of outfits in colours and styles that enhance and reflect
who You are and the roles you play. Each season. For any occasion. From desk to dinner. From business travel to
business casual.

Do you think that might enhance your promotion prospects or help you close that big deal? You bet it will!

If you’re ready to invest in your Personal brand a great place to start would be by booking a
Consultation with Caroline.  

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