Is the ROI of business dressing worth it?

Whether or not your office has a dress code, it pays to look business smart to any meeting,
particularly when new clients and contacts are present.

It’s easy to overlook how your appearance may be seen and interpreted by others.
Dress how you would like to be perceived because your overall look and choice of clothes
quickly positions you within the office hierarchy. And like a first impression, it’s something
difficult to change easily, if at all.

Just as business presentations matter, so does self-presentation. In a conservative or traditional
business environment, your appearance will probably reflect that. However, an informal business
environment doesn’t mean that business dressing has to be informal or that dressing down is the name of
the game. It matters. Because how you dress speaks volumes.

Whilst business relaxed and business casual are terms that are heard more often in business
circles, business is business. Perhaps the phrase business chic is a better descriptor as the
focus leans towards business elegance. Casual as a word, especially linked to business can
be misleading. 

Personal branding goes hand in hand with business dressing. Personal branding includes more than
your initial appearance. It covers accessories such as your tablet cover to the watch you wear.
It includes how you behave, how you think and how you carry yourself. It’s the whole package.

When you are at the top, it doesn’t mean you no longer have to strive. This is exactly the time
where you are able to lead and influence your colleagues, subordinates and external contacts.
And just as you keep ahead with business models and issues, so it’s important to keep pace
with executive dressing trends. It keeps you up there and out at front.

Executive dressing and corporate impact ripples out way beyond your direct workplace.
As soon as you leave home or leave the office, you are judged by other people. In seconds.

Imagine where a month might take you? From train stations to airport hubs and major cities
here and abroad. From conferences to networking events and corporate entertaining.
Each destination is an impact opportunity for your professional image to shine. 

Dress to impress. Dress to feel good. Never underestimate the power a well-dressed person
has on influencing others. 
Investing in a winning business wardrobe is always worth it.
It adds value. The ROI can be immeasurable.

If you would like any help with business dressing or dressing with confidence, let’s chat.

Business Smart outfit

Grey dress by Diane von Furstenberg
Black jacket by Diane von Furstenberg
Black striped bag by Milli Millu
Black shoes by Hobbs
Pearl necklace by Fleur

Business Relaxed outfit

Grey tweed trousers by LK Bennett
Oil blue cardigan by Hobbs
Blue patterned scarf by Jaeger
Navy pumps by Hobbs
Textured tote bag by Ted Baker


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