Ready Steady Autumn: How To Wear Animal Print With Style

How To Wear Animal Print With Style

Powerful Ways To Wear Animal Print With Style


Fearlessly Roar Into September.
Dare To Wear Animal Print! 

September always feels like a second start to the year doesn’t it?

It’s back to school, back to work and back to busy lives.

As expected, Autumn is rich in new colours, contemporary fabric mixes and modern prints.

Therefore, it’s the perfect time to up-date your personal brand. 


Autumn Offers All The Cosiness Of The Season.

Soon you could be wearing the softest cashmere, snug alpaca and chunky knits again.

Or pulling on toasty corduroy trousers for Dress Down weekends.

And slipping into sumptuous silks and velvets for candle-lit evenings.  


Key Trends

We’ve already looked at key directions in colours and shapes

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showing you how to wear other fashion-forward trends.

You don’t have to follow every trend that comes along; just dip into those you like.


Key Trend: Animal Print

I’m going to start with probably the main trend of the year: Animal Print. 

It’s A BIG trend this season.

Animal print, whether leopard, cheetah, zebra or snake, are memorable.

They’re mesmerising and can be incredibly flattering on anyone. 

They’ll be hard to resist.

Never say Never!

It’s just about getting the right aesthetic for your personal style.


There’s No Need To Be Afraid Of Animal Print.

You only have to follow a couple of golden rules: 

1. You won’t look risqué if you keep to the rule of ‘one piece’.

2. Avoid frilly or too short a hemline. Think grown-up glamour, not girly.


CWC style tip: Wear animal print sparingly. Remember the adage: less is more.
Because this is the time where an extra piece is definitely ‘too much of a good thing’. 
Keep your look: refined and ritzy with a touch of restraint.


How To Wear Animal Print

Weekend Glam

Pair an animal print cotton top with a pair of jeans.
Simply add oversized accessories to look continental chic.


How To Wear Animal Print With Style



Business Casual

Ease yourself back into work modus with these navy culottes and bronze fine knit sweater.
Add contemporary accessories and you’re ready for action.


How To Wear Animal Print With Style



Business Smart

Keep neutral navy in the background .
Add a splash of colour and some bold prints to make the outfit come alive.

How To Wear Animal Print With Style




Business Formal/Occasion

Push the boat out with this statement dress with fluted sleeves and hem.
Add a touch of drama with an easy leopard print coat and Louboutins!


How To Wear Animal Print With Style



Personal Styling

If you’d like help in Personal Styling or you’re interesting in finding out how a capsule wardrobe will make your life easier,  book a 30 minute Complimentary Style Consultation.
Just send me your contact details and I’ll be in touch.


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