Personal Style Tips: Working From Home

Personal style tips: working from home

My Top Tips On Personal Style

When Working From Home

For many women including entrepreneurs and freelancers, working from home is the new norm.
With the Corona virus, there are hundreds of newcomers to this way of working and many of you are asking for Personal style tips on working from home.

Having worked away from an office environment for the last 6 years, I am very happy to pass on my top 5 tips for settling into your new work place and indeed your new workspace at home.

My 5 Top Personal Style Tips On Working From Home


1. Create a workspace for you alone

Whether it be your laptop, calculator, files, diary, stapler, hole puncher etc.

Having to repeatedly stand up and look for something will drain you of focus very quickly.If you can create a separate workspace just for you (from a home office to a dedicated table in the sitting room), it will be easier to feel on top of your tasks and projects.

Requesting a corner of the kitchen table with your partner on the other side, and children playing on the remainder of it will soon fray tempers.

2. Dress the part

I don’t mean wearing a suit or formal dress if you normally work in a corporate environment.

Equally I don’t mean wearing your PJ’s, sports clothes or those seriously-should-be-recycled oddments found lurking at the back of your wardrobe.

On the same note, if you normally wear make-up for work, put a little on.

Make-up free days are not par for the course, just because you’re working from home.

It may be fun to be slummy for a day or so, but that soon wears off.

And if you continue, you’ll find your self-esteem begins to slip, as well as your style credentials.

To the stage where you sincerely hope that the postman doesn’t ring the door bell.

Or that a delivery man turns up requiring a signature.

And worst of all, when a work colleague or client calls for a video conference at short notice and you realise you’ve not washed your hair.

Go for stylish comfort

You want to look effortlessly at ease, strong and confident. In control (at least of your work).

3. Avoid the old cliché of ‘looking natural’.

Sounds great but we all know that as in make-up, looking ‘au naturel’ takes a lot of preparation and skill.Pulling on jeans and a shabby sweater is not looking natural.

It’s looking like you-can’t-be-bothered!

By all means, be authentic and be yourself but don’t let yourself get caught out.

So if you prefer jeans, yoga pants or loungewear, wonderful.

However, what is the message you’re sending out about your business appearance to others, who with modern visual communications can now see you ‘working from home’?

4. Separates or a single item outfit: the choice is yours.

Plan what you’ll wear the evening before – as you usually do with your daily commute … ahem.

This way, you won’t lose precious time in the morning opening your wardrobe and making a decision after a 15 minute vacillation.

If you’re a one-piece woman, then a jumpsuit or simple dress is for you.

If you’re more of a separates person, go for a comfortable pant & top.

CWC style tip: Keeping a statement blouse to hand means you’ll always look business-ready when you need to take a sudden video call request.

5. Aim to have specific work times – if you can.

Having a proper start and end to your new work day sets the parameters, allowing you to mentally and emotionally switch off from business-modus to home or family life.

It might not be possible, especially with children at home but if your partner can help too, you could perhaps agree several fixed time periods of 20 minutes+ where you are able to focus.

Squeezing work in when you can is likely to make you feel frustrated because you’ll have one eye/ear elsewhere.


Home-working personal style ideas.

I’ve put together some ideas for working from home.
You may have some of these pieces already at home, meaning no shopping is necessary.

Most of the garments I’ve chosen will take you into Summer, so when you’re back at work, you’ll still be able to wear these.

Dress them up with heels and a blazer for Business Smart or keep them Business Casual adding accessories accordingly.

I’ve deliberately included some gorgeous Spring midi prints, which can be worn when we’re finally allowed to socialise again.


Perfect for looking on trend and playing with the children / relaxing at home.

Jumpsuits for working from home

Monochrome viscose jumpsuit, Massimo Dutti
Khaki linen jumpsuit, Whistles
Monochrome printed twill jumpsuit, Michael Michael Kors


If you haven’t a Go-To dress at the ready, these printed midi ones will take you through the season from home-working to weekends and eventually back to the office.

CWC style tip: viscose is a soft lightweight fabric with a cool handle making it a perfect trans-seasonal weight. It’s deliciously comfortable to wear against the skin.

Printed Summer dresses for when you're working from home

Light peach polka dot viscose dress, Baukjen
Navy blossom organic rose ruffle dress, Lily & Lionel
Paloma red bouquets viscose midi dress, Ghost

Casual Chic

These pieces will take you from home-working to weekend BBQ’s and Business Casual days at home or at work.

Personal style, what to wear when working from home

Blue cotton knit sweater, Baukjen  Sale
Blue multi scarf, Gerard Darel
White cotton T, Whistles
Fresh white cotton frill cuff blouse, MeandEm
Stretch white smart cotton trousers, Joseph
High waist white barrel jeans, Whistles

What I’m wearing today

Denims and my favourite Spring blouse with my faithful Birkenstocks!
Yes, I’m always wearing a hero blouse for work days – just in case.

What I'm wearing working from home

High waist barrel jeans, Whistles
Candy floral viscose blouse, Jigsaw  SALE
Taupe clogs, Birkenstock UK

Personal Styling Services

Much of our work is online for busy professional women and those working overseas.
CWC is still open during these challenging times.

If you would like help with your Personal style, whether you work in an office or from home, you might like to consider our capsule wardrobe service. 

And if you’d like a chat about your wardrobe needs please feel free to get in touch.


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