Personal Branding: New Year, New You?

Have you got time? Will you realistically make time? Are you willing to commit to personal change?

As with any ‘product or personality’, a re-brand doesn’t happen overnight. It needs reflection,
planning and development. In short, it takes a little time: probably 3-6 months.

When it comes to personal branding, yes a dramatic new hair-cut or a brand new outfit certainly
lets you ‘look’ different, initially and for a while. For real and long-lasting change however, there needs
to be more than short-term or surface improvements.

With any meaningful transition, there is a process of acceptance, adjustment and integration.
This process brings in turn an authenticity to your up-dated Personal brand. It’s worth the time invested.
Because it allows for personal development. It enables change to become transformational, particularly
if it is linked to a specific goal.

So whether you wish to undertake a personal branding review or instigate a full re-brand of yourself
(think Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Margaret Thatcher to name but three women), take the time to
truly assess where you are now and where you want to be in 3 months time. And how you wish to be
perceived by others.

If perception is reality, what others say about you carries influence. Especially when you are not in the room.
Because that is the impact of your Personal brand.

So give due consideration to the process of self-development. The beginning of it will ask you to
re-discover yourself. And for you to decide where and what improvements you would like to make.
The end of this process might include an honest analysis of your wardrobe. It may be time for a new
Spring capsule wardrobe. And not because that might be a reward in itself but because what is the
point of  
re-presenting yourself in last season’s or yesteryear’s clothes?

We don’t hang on to old software. Just as we up-date our operating systems to keep on top of progress,
so we need to do the same with ourselves and our Brand identity.

Dressing your revitalised and up-dated personal brand accordingly will boost and cement all the changes
you will have been working on. You’ll be walking the talk. You’ll be living and breathing the image and
Brand personality you wish to portray. Who you are and what you stand for will be synonymous.

Invest in yourself. It’s for your future. You’re worth it, aren’t you?
If you are interested in developing or up-dating your personal branding, find out more or send an email.

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