Kick Off Winter & Step Into Spring

Magnolia tree in the Spring

Are You Ready To Step Into Spring?

If you’re fed up with your lockdown style and even with luxe loungewear, then you’re ready to step into Spring with a modern WFH style capsule wardrobe.

We’re taking the comfort that we love from pandemic dressing and mixing it up with the sophistication of urban chic. This means you can go from your home office to your work office without needing a second wardrobe.

The looks are less slouchy and more lively. It’s time to wake up from our forced hibernation.
To help make the transition from Winter greys (which also affect our mood) we’re moving from indoors to outdoors and stepping into a light airy Springtime garden. Come on in!

Step Into Spring With An 8-Piece Capsule Wardrobe

As ever with an eye on the planet and sustainability as well as the difficult times we are all in, I’ve put together an easy 8-piece capsule wardrobe with minimal accessories that works for Relaxing At Home as well as WFH.

Step into Spring with this 8-piece capsule wardrobe 2021


Spring Colours 2021

To kick off Winter, I’ve chosen to focus on one of this season’s core colours, a soft white magnolia. And I’ve teamed it up with delicate pink, soft aqua green and a splash of yellow, hinting at a full Spring garden ahead.

How To Wear This Spring Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve teamed the ivory trousers with a wool mix jacket. It’s still chilly and this jacket will see you through to late Spring. What’s more, you’ll find it goes with just about anything.

Step into Spring with a trouser suit from Joseph

Dress them up to a chic city style with a closed belt cinching your waist. Or wear it open laissez-faire. Or leave it off all together for more relaxed days.

Ivory trouser, Joseph
Cream jacket, Joseph

Pop On A Floaty Spring Dress

They’re back! Gorgeous floaty floral dresses. And with Spring in the air, let’s throw one on.
You could wear it with a light knit underneath or wear it by itself. Or again with  …. you’ve guessed it, our perfect Spring capsule wardrobe jacket. This dress will take you through Summer. To ring the changes with the dress, add sandals, mules, slides or wedges according to your day.

Step into Spring with this green viscose dress from Jigsaw

Primrose dress, Jigsaw

Chilling Out

I can’t resist it! I’ve put in a pair of wide-legged white trousers which are both relaxed, smart and good value. Once it gets to April, we can detect Summer is around the corner and you can start wearing these WFH or just chilling outside in the garden. Perhaps at a BBQ.

Relaxed white pants from Reiss for a Spring capsule wardrobe by Capsule Wardrobe Collection

White wide legged trouser, Reiss

Not Forgetting

The relaxed style jacket will go with other things in your wardrobe. It’s just a question of combining it what you have and mixing the accessories. I’ve popped in a pair of black jeans to show you how.


Step into Spring with garden colours

Black jeans, Toteme

Step Into Your Own Spring Capsule Wardrobe

The early bird catches the worm! I know we’ve still got lockdown but keep an eye out for seasonal pieces that can reflect the Spring in what you wear. Or be tough, and clear out your wardrobe, making way for an efficient, functional but chic capsule wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe Collection has always been an online business as we have clients located around the world as well as in London.  I’m offering complimentary Zoom calls to find out how exactly I can help. A lot of people find planning a wardrobe or a few outfits very stressful. Use your personal stylistJust get in touch.

CWC style tip: Wearing clothes that fit properly and are up-to-date automatically give you a huge boost in confidence, because you know you’re looking on top of your game again.


Other items shown
Pink milkshake knit with woven collar, Boden
Grey knit with woven collar, & Other Stories
Cream silk cotton rib jumper, Jigsaw
Printed neutral blouse, Reiss
Yellow scarf, Brora
Pink scarf, Mulberry
White/black leather sneakers, Me&Em
Cream/taupe sneakers, Reiss
Black mini bag, Me&Em
Leather light chalk bag, Coach

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