It’s Time To Shift To Chic Comfortable

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A Shift Of Style Focus
To Chic Comfortable

I’ve noticed how Clients today are requesting a greater mix of Casual Chic outfits.
I’d go further and say there’s a new direction towards Chic Comfortable and Workleisure ensembles.

Yes, people are finally moving away from Athleisure, which covers anything from sportswear to PJ’s and loungewear and are moving towards a sharper style whilst retaining the comfort factor.

CWC style tip: jeans and a sweater – that’s casual. Add a statement accessory to turn it into Chic Comfortable.


London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2020/21 

The fashion world has been responding positively and responsibly in their efforts to ‘save the planet’.
In addition to changing production schedules to make medical masks and gowns, the industry is heading towards seasonless design and sustainability as well as sourcing new materials and promoting new processes.

Times are tough for everyone – and let’s face it, we’re all still discovering our New Normal.
When life remains uncertain and stressful, people look for trust and honesty.
When fear ranks high on your list of worries, especially fear of falling ill, we tend to revert to the more traditional and conventional.
After all, who doesn’t want to feel safe, stable and secure


Key Colours: London A/W 2020/21

We’re looking at a classic palette and one that is empowering – perhaps in response to our need for safety, stability and security.
The palette is essentially red, navy and blue, with the occasional splash of colour.

Pantone colour trends, London, A/W 2020/21


Colour Trends

The Neutrals
The top line of key neutrals reflect our yearning for what we know, and the more conventional.
Dress Blues signals integrity and virtue. It’s also a very flattering colour on everyone and much softer on the complexion than black.

Expect to see a lot of Jet Stream, otherwise known as off-white. This mirrors our desire for self-protection and comfort dressing.
Sleet despite reminding me of bad weather is a classic grey and can look extremely elegant. Sheepskin is more of a natural colour can look stunning tone-in-tone.  With both Sleet and Sheepskin, be careful they don’t drain your complexion. Proceed with caution!

The Seasonal Colours
There’s an injection of of energy and fun without going overboard.
You’ll see there’s a lot of blue as you’d imagine bringing both confidence and vibrancy.
Then there are 2 reds, one more fiery and one more sultry.
We have 2 green hues and these pick up on our need and desire for all things green, including being outside in parks, woods and green space.


Chic Comfortable Capsule Wardrobe 

Today’s capsule wardrobe uses this season’s colour palette.
I’ve kept to a mixed neutral palette enhanced with a splash of exuberance.

This Chic Comfortable capsule will also adapt to Workleisure, depending on where you work and how often you have to go into the office.

Essentially there are 6 pieces with a choice of outerwear and accessories.

CWC style tip: The emphasis is Chic first, then Comfortable


Casual Comfortable capsule wardrobe, Sept 2020


The 3-Tone Dress


3-tone dress as part of Casual Comfortable capsule wardrobe

This dress is oh-so versatile. Wear it as a dress just on its own.
Or add a silk scarf and keep it easy and low key.
You could also wear it as a tunic over skinnies from denim to leather, and even a mini.


The Leather Pant

Cropped leather trousers as part of a Casual Comfortable capsule wardrobe

These cropped pants are in butter-soft leather.
Dress them up or just be comfortable. Add accessories to complete your look.


The Checked Pant

They’re actually part of a suit. There’s no point buying a suit if you can’t break it up.
You can wear it as suit to showcase modern suiting – with sneakers or chunky boots.
Worn as separates, the jacket will go perfectly over a solid pant or denim.
The pant can be worn for those Chic Comfortable autumnal days.

checked wool trousers as part of an Autumn Casual Comfortable capsule wardrobe


Flex Your Personal Style With Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

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