How To Wear Pink Lavender In A Business Capsule Wardrobe


Pink Lavender as a colour in a Spring business capsule wardrobe

 Yes You Can Wear Pink In A Business Wardrobe.
And Still Be Taken Seriously.

There is still an abundance of pink this Spring. Moving on from the sugary sweet tones of last season, we’re seeing more sophisticated and complex hues such as rose and lilac. 

Look out for new season pinks such as Pink Lavender, Dusty Pink and Rose Pink.

Pink has now become one of the core colours you’ll find in any fashion palette.
It certainly features in a Business capsule wardrobe today.

Pink can be a very flattering colour for your complexion.
Pink is considered a creative, warm and friendly colour.
It’s non-threatening making the person wearing pink appear more approachable.
Pink lacks the threat of aggression or dominance of a bold red.

As a rule of thumb, I’d advise men to stick to pale pinks and lilacs in a shirt, wearing darker or brighter tones in a patterned tie or in the definition of a bespoke buttonhole or jacket lining.

Women have more flexibility in shades of pink but need to guard against appearing too girly to retain authority in the workplace.
Go pale or go bold.


CWC style tip: to wear pink successfully, choose the right depth of colour, hue and
tone for your complexion.


How To Wear Pink In A Business Capsule Wardrobe

Pale colours can be hard to pull off for many people.
But worn well, they can look sophisticated and quietly smart.
Wearing an outfit in one colour or in subtle tonal shades will also automatically lengthen and slim the body.


Dusty pink business capsule wardrobe for Spring 2018
Elegant Tonal Business Look In Dusty Pink

Dusty pink dress, Winser
Pink coat, Max Mara
Dark pink heels, LK Bennett 
Dusty rose shoulder bag, De Mellier


Alternatively mix up your pinks with bright and pastel tones and throw in a print too.
Wear a solid pink as an accent fashion colour or wear it in
contrast to a staple neutral such as burgundy, grey or navy.

The business capsule wardrobe below shows you how to do this.
Grey is a standard business colour and pale grey is stunning in the Summer months.
By adding a fresh burst of pink to your workwear, you’re up-dating your wardrobe as well as yourself. . 


Pink and grey for a business capsule wardrobe in Spring 2018
Spring 2018 Business Capsule Wardrobe Featuring Pink & Grey.


Raspberry dress, LK Bennett
Pink coat, Max Mara
Floral pink dress, Phase Eight
Grey blazer, Reiss
Grey checked trouser, Reiss
Grey silk blouse, Emporio Armani
Candy pink blouse, Gucci (Runway) 
Pink slingbacks, Prada
Black heels, Jimmy Choo

If you’d like to add pink as a business colour to your Spring capsule wardrobe and you don’t know how, why not request a complimentary 30-minute Personal Style consultation?
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The most popular capsule wardrobes usually include suiting and dresses for Business Travel so that you can get off a plane and step straight into a business meeting.

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