How To Look Cool And Stay Warm In Cold Weather Festivities



Welcome To The Season of Outdoor Festivities


With Hallowe’en on 31st October followed by Bonfire Night on 5th November, it means a week of outdoor fun, where you’ll want to look cool and stay warm and comfortable.

The season of Advent season starts on the 3rd of December this year and that heralds the start of Christmas Markets and other seasonal outdoor attractions.

Whether you’re trick or treating, watching fireworks, ice-skating or browsing along gift stalls, you’ll want to look chic, cool and also feel warm and comfortable.

And I’m not talking about having some mulled wine!

It’s fine wanting to be well ‘wrapped up’ – but you don’t really want to look like a Winter duvet, do you?

Equally, it’s fine wanting to ‘dress Casual’ – but let’s be honest, ‘casual dressing’ typically  means an old sweater topped off by a coat or jacket from yesteryear.

How To Stay Warm Whilst Looking Cool.

Textile innovations mean you don’t have to wear those michelin-man fabrics of the past.

You can look cool and stay warm and show off your brand personality with ease and casual elegance.


Mix different textures to look cool and stay warm. 



How to look cool and stay warm in a leather skirt and Winter jacket




Wear a poncho over a biker jacket in a pastel colour to look cool and stay warm.



How to look cool and stay warm in a pink biker jacket and colourful poncho




Throw in a little attitude and style with a pair of leather trousers to look cool and stay warm .


How to look cool and stay warm with leather trousers and a down jacket





You can’t go wrong with a monochrome look and spot colour. 



How to look cool and stay warm with a monochrome look


CWC style tip: cinch the belt on the outside of the knitted cardigan. 



Is your wardrobe ready, so you’ll look cool and stay warm this Winter?


If you’re looking for modern and chic outfits for the Advent season or Christmas and New Year, this is exactly the time to order your capsule wardrobe.

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