How To Increase The Return On Investment From Your Business Wardrobe


One business dress with four jackets to create a good return on investment on your Business Capsule Wardrobe For Women with a good ROI

With a personalised business capsule wardrobe, you’ll win a rewarding return on investment.


The mistake that many women make is to buy a new dress with a complimentary jacket and only wear it the one way.

By doing this, you’ve added ‘another single outfit in your wardrobe’.

Having a wardrobe full of single outfits is not going to give you a good return on investment.

Lots of individual pieces that don’t work together is going to give you a nil ROI.

To achieve the maximum ROI, buy into the capsule wardrobe concept.
You’ll have a small number of pieces in your wardrobe that will all combine to create a variety of outfits.

To be honest, for those with bulging wardrobes or those who prefer a streamlined choice, an executive style capsule wardrobe is a bit of a no-brainer.

CWC style tip: the best way to achieve a good return on investment is to ‘stretch’ a single piece
to find several ways to wear it.


How large is a business capsule wardrobe?

It doesn’t have to be huge!

Take a look at this 6-piece business capsule wardrobe plus accessories.
Then discover how many outfits I’ve made from these.


Core business capsule wardrobe to get a good return on investment for Spring 2017
The core 6 piece business capsule wardrobe


What goes into your capsule wardrobe depends on your job, your lifestyle, your budget
and of course your clothing and style preferences.

CWC style tip: the trick is to flex your outfits according to your schedule to achieve the best return on investment.


How this business capsule wardrobe gives you a good return on investment.

I chose a fresh Spring dress that is perfect for work and will flex to after-work drinks, networking and social events.


Hobbs black, ivory and ice blue dress by Hobbs as seen on


To stretch and break this single outfit and one way of wearing the dress, I chose a few more jackets.
This immediately raises your ROI. And cost-per-wear of the initial dress!

One business dress with four jackets to create a good return on investment on your Business Capsule Wardrobe For Women


CWC style tip:  your capsule wardrobe ideally uses colours and shapes that compliment your lifestyle, colouring and physique.


To stretch the jackets and create the capsule wardrobe, as well as increasing your ROI, I’ve added another dress.

One dress with 3 different jackets is a good return on investment


Then I added some accessories to add interest and pull your outfits together.


Accessories to compliment a business capsule wardrobe and offer a good return on investment



The Looks

5 ways to wear the single dress!

5 ways to wear one dress to get a good return on investment on a business capsule wardrobe



3 ways to wear the black and white dress.

Business capsule wardrobe offering a good return on investment at Capsule Wardrobe Collection



The complete business capsule wardrobe!

A Capsule Wardrobe for women offering a good return on investment
Business Capsule Wardrobe


If you would like to have your personalised business capsule wardrobe, with pieces chosen just for Brand You, please send me your details  and let’s have a chat on how I can help you.




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