How To Crack The New Workleisure Dress Code


Work blouses as part of the workleisure dress code


Champion The Workleisure Dress Code

Welcome to the new style of dressing for work: the Workleisure dress code.

If you’re bored of your trackie, fed up with loungewear or fatigued with your PJ’s, the new Workleisure style will appeal to you.

It’s more than leisure and less than formal workwear.
Workleisure is keeping some of the conventionality of work whilst keeping the comfortability of leisurewear.

Last month I mentioned there’s a trend away from dressing quite so leisurely when WFH (working from home). The trouble is that when casual dressing translates into wearing any-old-thing, it can all too easily look like you just haven’t bothered.
At all. With no story to tell.

‘Slumming’ it, is fun on the weekend, but on a working weekday, it’s the time  when you hope the door bell won’t ring. And you certainly hope you’re not called to a Skype or Zoom call.

With so many of us still WFH, you want to master your ‘on duty’ look.
You want to ace the new workleisure dress code with practiced and professional ease.

CWC style tip: keeping your hair and make-up fresh, helps you feel ‘camera-ready’.


Workleisure tops that ensure you look business-fit.

These blouses are perfect for on or off-duty. And they ensure you look business-prepared when WFH.
All of them will pair with smart or casual black trousers from crepe to wool to cotton and denim.

CWC style tip: Wear colour, patterns and seasonal polka dots so you stand out.
Use your feminine advantage!


4 work blouses


Black marble print viscose & silk blouse, Cefinn
Soft peony silk blouse, Boden
Green silk polka dot shirt, S.A.R.K
Polka dot crepe blouse, Alexa Chung


The Workleisure Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve put together an 8-piece Workleisure capsule wardrobe plus accessories, featuring Winter reds and festive green.
This capsule will take you through WFH and into the evening, without demanding you change.

Workleisure capsule wardrobe


How To Combine The Pieces To Create 10 Workleisure Looks

Take the floral print midi skirt from WFH to a festive occasion

The plain silk blouse is a classic. You’ll find it goes with both skirts and trousers.
To add interest, add earrings and/or a silk scarf.
The jumper on the right is a little sparkly so perfect for evenings and the festive period.
Wear it casually over the skirt or tucked in with a leather belt. It’s great with black pants too.

Floral printed midi skirt as part of a workleisure capsule wardrobe


Add a burst of Winter colour to brighten up the sombre weather 

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This 2-tone skirt ticks all the boxes for this Autumn.
To adapt it to Workleisure, wear it with a silk shirt, or a knit with an interesting neckline or texture.
Keep the sparkle for off-duty or evening. Add a pair of gold earrings to ensure a festive note.


2-tone midi skirt from Cefinn as part of a workleisure capsule wardrobe


Workleisure black jersey pants are ideal for WFH

Super soft workleisure black jersey pants. For important video calls, wear an appropriate top.
Otherwise keep it comfortable chic with knitwear and patent loafers to add a touch of style.

Black jersey pants as part of a workleisure capsule wardrobe


And finally, a dark green chic leather pencil skirt 

Nothing beats leather to raise the ante and it’s perfect for Workleisure.
This dark green one below the knee is very flattering for nearly all figures.

CWC style tip: Leather will ‘give’ so you want to buy it as tight as possible (without it pulling).

Dark green leather pencil skirt from Reiss as part of a workleisure capsule wardrobe from Capsule Wardrobe Collection


Where To Buy

Black floral print midi jersey skirt, Baukjen
2-tone midi skirt, Cefinn
Black jersey pants, Hobbs
Green leather skirt, Reiss
Ivory silk blouse, Boden
Merlot jumper with curved neck detail, Hobbs
Gold grey sequin jumper, Baukjen
Silk scarf, Redwood, Baukjen
Gold tone and crystal earrings, Cult Gaia
Black suede knee high boots, Hobbs
Wine ankle boots, Hobbs
Earrings, Cult Gaia


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