How To Flex A Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe.

How To Flex A Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe To Your Schedule.

Flexible Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe for women from Capsule Wardrobe Collection
11-Piece flexible Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe



In the Summer business formal wear tends to give way towards business casual dressing.

And in the same way that it’s easy to get it wrong when it comes to Dress Down Friday, it’s just as easy to get it wrong when it comes to Business Casual dressing in the Summer.

When the temperature rises, two things seem to happen:

  1. Too many clothes are removed to be appropriate in a business setting.
  2. High Summer garish colours may be fine on holiday but they aren’t relevant for work.


Personal Brand Style Statement

Working with CWC means that together we define your Personal Brand Style Statement.
It means that with each outfit you put on, you can refer back to it to check for congruency in your visual appearance.

If your outfit doesn’t fit with your Personal Brand Style Statement, you’re probably doing yourself a disservice.
At worst, you are damaging your Personal Brand.


The CWC Brand Style Statement

Understated modern luxury. Refined looks. Timeless style.


Less Is More 

It’s about looking effortlessly chic and always pulled together.
The trick is to show an ease and fluidity about your presence.
It needs to be uncomplicated and you’ll find each piece in your wardrobe goes with something else.

And that’s what a capsule wardrobe is all about.

Below you’ll find how to flex this Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe.
It will take you through those hot sticky weeks in the city with ease.

CWC style tip: Summer footwear demands regular pedicures!


How to flex this Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe into a minimum of 15 looks.
3 week’s worth of outfits!

Light grey trouser suit for a Summer business capsule wardrobe
Light grey trouser suit worn with an ivory silk top, gunmetal top and silver metallic tank. At lease 6 outfits can be created with the pieces here.



Ivory tailored dress as part of a Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe
Below-the-knee ivory pencil dress. Wear the double-breasted jacket casually worn over your shoulders or keep it smart with the striped blazer. Stretch the dress further by wearing a short coloured jacket or cropped knit.



Ivory linen culottes as part of a Summer business capsule wardrobe curated by Capsule Wardrobe Collection
Linen-blend ivory culottes to add a touch of freshness to a Summer Business Capsule Wardrobe. With metallic heels and a silver top, keep jewellery to a minimum.


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