Confidence belongs to your capsule wardrobe too



Es-tu bien dans ta peau? Are you at ease with yourself?
The French expression ‘bien dans sa peau’ doesn’t easily translate into English but
it’s about feeling comfortable with yourself – or ‘comfortable in your skin’.
And what would your answer be?

A positive reply runs the risk of sounding self-congratulatory, even a touch self-important.
A negative reply implies that we are ill at ease with ourselves, which is probably an exaggeration.

If we start from the premise that we’re generally in good health, are sound in mind and body and
are emotionally well, then we can be fairly relaxed with ourselves. Rationally we could give a
genuinely affirmative response to being at ease with ourselves.

When it comes down to it, we’re talking about a mind-set. Your mind-set.
Mind-sets are relatively stable belief systems. Your beliefs today though are very different to those
you held as a child, a teenager or as a twenty-something. As you progress through life, it makes sense
to challenge your beliefs, discard those that are out-of-date and up-grade others. It naturally follows
therefore, that if you can adapt and change your beliefs, so you can adjust your mind-set.

Learn to be at ease with yourself.

Accepting yourself and allowing the opportunity to grow as a person lays the foundation stones of
confidence and self-assurance. Dressing to reflect that ease and confidence in yourself allows you look
‘comfortable in your skin’. That is why confidence belongs to every capsule wardrobe. 

Does your appearance mirror the progression and changes you have made in your life and career?
Perhaps you feel the way you are perceived by others doesn’t match with how you see yourself?
It’s not so much as dressing to impress but dressing to reflect your achievements.
Executive style is all about portraying your capability. Your ambition. Your personal brand.

If you are wearing clothes that don’t match how you feel inside, there is a disconnect.
Invest in yourself and take time to work on your unique brand personality.

At work, you wouldn’t just fling together a presentation together. You’d think about it.
In the same way, think about choosing confidence from your capsule wardrobe each morning.
Make a connection with your personal brand. To create executive presence.

Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are”.
Ellen Degeneres

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