Christmas Time Means Glamour & Glitz, and Puttin’ On The Ritz

Robins in a Christmas hat for capsule wardrobe collection


It’s Time To Sparkle With Glamour and Glitz

Once a cocktail party invitation or two arrive into your In-box, do you feel the thrill of knowing exactly what you’re going to wear? Or the cold chill of terror of not having anything to wear at all?

It was always understood that a LBD – a little black dress – would always tide you over an unexpected invitation but these days, there are plenty of other options to consider.

Which makes deciding exactly what to wear even harder.

Yes you could resort to your favourite LBD, but this year a little black dress will look, well….just that.
Because THIS year it’s all about Glamour with a capital G and Glitz with another capital G.

Christmas Time Also Means Luxurious Fabrics

Cold weather and Christmas mean fabrics are as important as Winter colours.

Sticking to the Glamour & Glitz theme of the season, I’ve chosen luxe fabrics for this CWC style edit.

Look out for soft touchy-feely velvet, slippy shiny silks and must-have metallic knits and weaves.

CWC style tip:  Use glamour and glitz sparingly keeping the overall vision of understated modern luxury.

Below you’ll find how to add Glamour and Glitz to business dresses and suiting, how to add the Christmas spirit to everyday clothes and how to get away with wearing glamorous midi’s all day from dawn to dusk.


Desk to Dusk Dresses

Otherwise know as Computer to Cocktail dresses, the beauty of these is that you don’t have to change. You’re just going to add a small dollop of Glamour and Glitz.

day to dusk dressing adding glamour and glitz


Desk to Dusk Suiting

Suiting and trousers also play a role in business wear for women.
For evening, simply ditch the jacket as necessary and add some Christmas sparkle to your top half.

CWC style tip: keep business suiting feminine.


Day to dusk suiting and adding glamour and glitz


Add Glamour and Glitz to Business Casual

I’ve included here an on-trend double-breasted trouser suit and included more glamour and glitz to your daywear.

If you can get away with it where you work, go for it.

You can only push the Glamour and Glitz and Puttin’ on the Ritz at this time of year. From 1st January, just one sequin looks dated!

Adding glamour and glitz to business casual wear


Everyday Glamour and Glitz

If you’re a real festive Christmas fan, you can be Puttin’ on the Ritz every day of the week! And nothing beats Glamour and Glitz than shiny satins and sequins. Go for the best quality you can.

CWC style tip: With luxe or embellished clothing, one piece of jewellery is enough.


Glamour and glitz with silk and satin


How To Add Glamour and Glitz To Your Midi’s

Nothing beats elegance than a swishy midi skirt or dress. These pieces will take you through the whole day, although you may prefer a more subtle earring in the morning!

Midi's with Glamour and Glitz at Capsule Wardrobe Collection


How To Order A Personalised Christmas Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re fretting over what to wear over the festive period and including Christmas and the New Year, save yourself hours of worry by simply placing your order with Caroline Wolf of Capsule Wardrobe Collection.

Whatever your plans are, from chilling at home to entertaining hoards of family and friends or jetting off to the snow or the sun, leave the stress of what to wear at my door.

Due to heavy demand, the cut off point for ordering a capsule wardrobe this year will be the 10th December 2017.

Choose from :

Single Outfit
3-day Christmas package
7-day Christmas & New Year package.

Click here to place your order or schedule a complimentary chat about your dressing requirements over the Christmas period.

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